I Wish She Were My Kid

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My 11-year-old is deeply interested in current events and world news.  He is forever quoting me tidbits about such things, and we affectionately call him Cliff Clavin.  If you are about my age, you get this reference to the TV show Cheers.  If not, I've just showed my age.  My husband and I are continually working with our guy on being discerning and careful about what he puts into his mind or allows his eyes to see.  Because, goodness knows, there is so much junk out there.  

So, I find it beyond refreshing that there is a news story circulating now that I hope ALL my children sit and watch.  More than that, I hope they meditate on it, emulate it, think on it, imitate it.   If only the media spent more time on stories like this one--our kids would see what a REAL hero is.  Who else has seen this photo on the internet, news coverage, or on Facebook?

Let me tell you something, I wish this were my child.  I'm not saying I'd trade my kids for her.  I'm just saying I wish my kids would make this kind of decision.  THIS is the kind of person I am hoping to raise.  THIS is the kind of character I want to see in my children.  THIS is a hero of Biblical proportions.  

In case you missed the story, here it is.  This high school long distance runner (on the right) was falling behind in a race when she saw her competitor fall down.  She came up behind her, helped her up, and carried her to the finish line--being careful to keep the competitor in front of her so that the girl finished before her.

What a shining example of who we are to be and how we are to be.  
 So the last will be first, and the first will be last.
Matthew 20:16

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. 
Philippians 3:3-4

We are all running this race of life. The world tells us to push forward, go for the gold, do our best.  The Word tells us to help others along, look out for others, have humility.  The world tells us to be a winner.  The Word tells us to be a servant.  The world tells us success is accolades and honors and being number one.  The Word tells us success is picking up those who fall and carrying them one more step.  Being noticed by God alone is enough.  

What I love about this story is not just what she did.  I love that when you read the story, this girls says she doesn't get what the fuss is about because it's just what anyone would have done.  I beg to differ.  But, for her, this was instinctual, an overflow of her character.  An overflow of her heart.  An overflow of her values.  And, that is what I love most about this girl.  Not just what she did, but that in her mind, it's what should be expected.  Anything less was not right.  That my own children would grow into such a person.  I don't know what this girl's personal beliefs are.  But, I know she goes against the flow.  And, I pray that my own children would be so lost in serving the Lord that as they run through their day, they have eyes to see the hurting, the stumbling, the fallen.  And, they'd have the courage to pick them up and carry them.  That they'd have the heart to put others first and get them to the finish line.  That their race would not be marked by medals and trophies.  But, by a character that chooses others first and has God's priorities firmly planted within them.  

Glimpse of grace:  It is a heart of grace--of extending favor to others--that responds as this young girl did.  It is so counter cultural.  What a hero indeed!  I hope you'll join me in this challenge.  I want to sit with my children and read through this story and watch the video.  Then, sit and ponder what God's word has to say about her actions.  And brainstorm ways that in our daily lives, we can stop to pick up those who need it and carry them forward.  May our hearts be ever set on helping others to God's finish line.  May our eyes see eternal victories and not temporary success.  That, my bloggy friends, is a win to celebrate!


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