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I think I'm in some time warp or have managed that age old elusive goal of time travel.  Because didn't I just send my darlings off for their first day of school last August?  I blinked and here we are...end of the year.  Success ceremonies.  Field days.  The end of elementary school for my younger son.  And time to rack my brain for some token to show my appreciation for these teachers who have poured themselves into my children.  

Today's Make it Monday is actually my teacher's gifts from last year.  Of course I don't want to reveal what's coming for this year--lest the surprise be ruined for the teachers!  (And, certainly not because I haven't made them yet.  Nope, that can't be it).   I adore my children's home room teachers--but always wish to give a nod to those PE teachers, Spanish teachers, Music teachers, and the sweet school nurse who regularly attends to my asthma child.  All of that means finding something EASY and inexpensive.  

 Those are burner covers.  Covered in scrapbook paper.  Placed on a little stand to serve as a magnetic memo board.  Here's the before.
 I scored these at Wal-Mart.  They were 4 for about $8.  But, Dollar Tree also has some round ones.  So, here's the supply and instruction list.

1.  Burner covers  (Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree)
2.  Scrapbook paper of your choice
3.  Mod Podge (or water down regular glue)
4.  Paint brush
5.  Photo stand (Hobby Lobby)
6.  Magnetic bull dog clip
7.  Ribbon

1.  Cut your scrapbook paper just a little bigger than the cover so that it will wrap around to the back.  IF you have round covers, use a circle cutter to cut a circle the same size as the top of the cover.

2.  Using your glue or mod podge, paint a thin layer of mod podge on the top of the cover.  Place the paper on the cover, smoothing out the paper, working from the center out--smoothing out the little wrinkles.  If you managed to get a round cover, you really only have to cover the top!  Because the sides are usually black or white, and can just be left as is.  How easy is that?!

3.  Paint mod podge on the edges of the square cover, and work your paper over the edges--one side at a time.  Handle the corners like you are wrapping a gift.  Paint the edges on the back of the cover with mod podge and work the edges of the paper to fold over the edges.  

4.  Using your fingers, smooth the paper all over the top and edges of your over.  Then, work a thin layer of mod podge over the top of the paper, all over the cover.  

5.  Cut and hot glue the ribbon however you want to on the cover for a little embellishment.

6.  When it's dry, add on your bulldog clip, and present it with the stand, if desired.  It's a perfect little desk top memo board or picture display.  

 And, there you have it.  A lovely little thank you for teachers, and affordable so you can gift multiple teachers.  Now, if I have posted this project before, please ignore my repetition.  First of all--I can hardly remember what happened yesterday.  Secondly--don't we all learn by repetition?!   Hope you enjoy getting crafty on this Make it Monday.

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