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Why, yes.  It's Tuesday.  And, I'm posting my Make it Monday.  See how wild and crazy and unpredictable I am?  Bah ha ha.  Those of you who know me well just got a good laugh.

So, another Saturday, another shower.  Woo hoo!  And, craft lifting an idea straight from my darling cousin, Melinda, who craft lifted it from Pinterest....I rushed home from Canada and made my own chalkboard food signs.  (Rushed might be an overstatement).  Alas, this is perhaps one of my most favorite Pinterest projects to date--and that's saying a lot.  But, I see so many uses for them!  Parties galore, not to mention who knows how other uses?  

Melinda does a lot of craft shows, and she uses these for her table display.  I've been there, done that...over it.  But, I already know I'll be using these little babies for several events to come.  Cause that black part?  It's chalkboard.  And, although I forgot to put the cute matching ribbon on the stick for the last shower--I won't forget next time.  

Yes, I know...the "cake" sign was sort of stating the obvious.  But, I did HAVE to draw attention to that amazing cake from C Star Cakes in Allen, Texas.  Owned by my talented friend, Christy.

Can you see the little signs scattered about the table?  They were cheap and easy.  My two favorite words to describe a craft.  

First, head to Hobby Lobby (or your nearest craft store).  Grab yourself a bag of toy wooden wheels.  Mine came in a bag of 19 for $2.99.  Then, pay attention to the diameter of the opening of the wheel and grab a couple of long dowel sticks that same size.  I used 1/4" dowel sticks.  I had decided to do 8 signs, so just grabbed two long dowel sticks, which were $0.59 each.  And, then some balsa wood shapes.  I decided to mix up some oval and rectangle shapes.  The shapes were $0.79 each, I believe.

In addition to your wooden wheels, dowel sticks, and balsa wood shapes, you'll also need:

--hot glue
--acrylic paint of your choosing
--chalkboard paint OR chalkboard contact paper

Here's the process:  
1.  Paint the wooden shapes on one side.  Also, paint the wooden wheel (I didn't paint the bottom of them). 

2.  I cut my dowel sticks using tin snippers.  But, you could use a saw if you wanted.  I cut 4 lengths from each of the long dowel sticks.  Just eyeballed the measurement--no formal measuring here.

3.  I inserted the dowel stick into each wheel.  If they are loose, add some hot glue to the bottom of the stick before you insert it.  Also, if you push it down too far, you might need to sand down the part that sticks out of the bottom of the wheel so you have a flat surface on that bottom and it stands correctly.

4.  Paint your dowel stick.  Easiest to do AFTER inserting into the wheel.

5.  Either chalkboard paint the front of your shapes, OR peel and cut the chalkboard contact paper to cover the front of the shapes.  (this is what I did).

6.  Hot glue the shape to the dowel stick.  Voile!

Whole thing took me not quite an hour and a half.  I know this because my son and I were watching Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, and we almost got the end when I was done with my project.  So many uses for these little babies!  And, as I said, you can add a ribbon to tie a bow to match the table decor.  You'll be seeing these at any luncheon, dinner party, shower, or such that I'm a part of!  Because I just love them.  Now, go and have your own Make it Monday...on Tuesday.  Just because!  Life needs a little crafting.

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