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It's shower season!  Nope, I don't mean the rising Texas temps mean we finally take showers around here.  Um, at least as far as you know.  I mean, it's weddings and babies and parties--oh my!  I'm always up for an excuse to celebrate, and I rather enjoy being part of hosting the festivities.  I've found pinterest to make throwing a shower easier--and harder.  Easier--because of all the great knock off ideas.  Harder--because oh my!  I have a life, too.  And some of those ideas are just plain unattainable.  All about balance, my bloggy friends.  

But thought I'd share with you today the highlights of a recent shower I hosted for sweet Melody from my Life Group.  Her first son, Cason, is due in May.  Melody wanted a low key, fun, and intimate shower--and I think my partners in crime and I were able to pull it off.  Take a look and see for yourselves.

These were super easy!  Just a cake mix for the cupcakes, and mixing up some canned frosting to make it flesh colored.  That was the hardest part--just some yellow and red in the right combo.  The eyes are mini chocolate chips and then actual pacifiers I bought at the Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart.  (That would be soothers as you Canadians tend to say).  We washed the pacifiers after and gave to the mom-to-be, like a little bonus gift.  

For me, it's all about the punch and the sweets.  So, of course, I volunteered to handle both.  Here is the darling little punch I craft lifted from Pinterest--with sports themed duckies to match the nursery decor.
Bear with me--I do not know why blogger keeps flipping my pics on their side (and I don't know how to fix it).

So, here's the low down on the punch.  It's ginger ale, white grape juice, pineapple sherbert, and 2-3 envelopes of unsweetened blue kool-aid.  Now, I couldn't find pineapple sherbert--so I used mango pineapple.  Tasted good--but did give it a bit of a pink tinge?  Anyway, my son was thrilled there was leftovers and drank it for days.  Got the Cooper seal of approval.

And, just FYI--the cute little duckie table runner underneath the punch bowl is fleece from Hobby Lobby that I found on sale.  Just bought 1/2 yard, and folded down the edges.  I did splurge and actually purchased a white table clothe because I have several showers to go this year.  But, usually, I purchase a flat twin sheet from Wal-Mart in the desired color (everything pops against black, BTW).  They are $3 or $5, and totally work as table clothes.  Just a little bargain tip for you--they also come in all sorts of colors.

And, I think the most fun part of the shower was the crafting!  Of course, I thought that.  I'd never crafted at a shower before, but it really was super fun.  And if you aren't a fan of shower games--it's a great alternative.  We bought onesies and fabric glue.  Then, using fabric scraps and scissors, we created onesies for the baby and hung on a clothes line.  We did end up using some no-fray that I had on hand for the edges of the fabric once it was glued onto the onesie.  Again--another bonus gift for the mom, and such fun to know the little one will be wearing our creations.  

 Oh, and if you are a fan of a challenge from pinterest, like my friend, Valerie, you might show up with this amazing fruit display.  When she volunteered to bring the fruit, I never imagined this masterpiece!
 Adorable!  I applaud Val for her incredible contribution.  It was about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  The eyes were carved from the watermelon and that's the skin of plums that you see.  

Hope your neck isn't too strained from the sideways shots...will get that figured out!   By the way, I just got back from a trip to see cousins in Canada, and oh my gravy!  My cousin Melinda outdid herself in planning a baby shower for my other cousin, Megan.  Be looking for some of those ideas in Make it Mondays to come.  But be forewarned.  I believe that Melinda has more hours in a day than the rest of us.  Because she tackled some detailed pinterest ideas...while raising a 2 year old and 6 month old.  Oh, to be that young again....Happy crafting, bloggy friends!

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