Make it Monday--$10 Fabulous, Humongous Tray

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First of all, I feel the need to tell both of you regular readers how sorry I am that my posts have been rather hit and miss lately.  For awhile there you could count on my daily posts (weekdays, that is).  But, I've fallen victim to that thing called LIFE and a busy task list.  I hope you still love me!  Because I still love to offer my musings, and it's about quality not quantity, right?  

On to our make-it project today.  This is one I am super excited about and honestly, rather prideful about, as well.  When we bought our house nearly 4 years ago, I loved the amazing and big covered back patio.  The previous owners had just had slate tiles installed back there.  Bummer for them that they did that just before they decided to sell.  Total SCORE for us!  However, I must admit that I feel I have never reached that patio's full potential.  My efforts have been more focused on inside the house, making it our own. 

But no longer!  So, we set aside some budget and then I began my evil scheming.  First order of business was really comfortable seating.  And a bargain outdoor rug to truly make it feel like an outdoor room. 

What do you think?  Thanks and for my bargains on the furniture and rug!  I loved, loved this sectional that we can set up about a million ways.  And, I love the ottoman so you can kick your feet up.  As I am obviously doing here with my boys.  

But, the practical side of me said that these ottomans were missing that important function of a place to put your drink.  Sweet iced tea for three, please!  So, I devised a plan, and I have to tell you--it went better than I first imagined.

I searched high and low in my favorite Hobby Lobby for a tray.  Strike out.  Nothing big enough.  It needed to be BIG.  So, I went to my absolute favorite place in Hobby Lobby--the clearance aisle.  I personally think that heaven just might have a Hobby Lobby that is all clearance priced.  Last week, my local Hobby Lobby was up to 90% off.  Which it has been for weeks now, and I just about thought I'd picked off every good buy that was possible there?  But, nope.  There was my answer.

A black framed cork memo board, originally $39.99.  It had a chip in the frame.  So, at the clearance price, it was $3.99.  SCORE!  I came home and painted the cork a fantastic turquoise blue and covered up that chip with black paint.  The next day, I hit Lowe's for some drawer handles to use as tray handles.  They were $2.77 each--so a whopping $6 with tax.  Just asked my man to screw those bad boys in on each side of the memo board.

And there you go, folks.  A functional, fabulous and humongous ottoman tray.  With the cork middle, it's perfect for drinks!  And, I think it's pretty darn cute, too.

See?  Even our darling rescue dog, Murphy, thinks it's a winner.  And, as a bonus--I'll let you in on the little green box.  It, too, sat on the 90% shelf.  It has magnets that keep it closed, and when I saw it, I thought it was the perfect size to keep cocktail napkins for use on the back patio.  Of course, I grabbed some of those with my initial on them from the clearance shelf, too.  Bargains + crafts = my happy place. And so, on this make it Monday, happy bargain crafting to you, bloggy friends.

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