Make it Monday: Burlap Monogram Wreath

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It's been some time since I've posted a Make it Monday. That's because what I've been making on Mondays the last few weeks are doctor appointments for sick children, long task lists, and special wedding planning dates with my awesome sister-in-law.  Didn't think those things translated well to an interesting blog post.  Not that today's thoughts will either...but here ya go anyway.

I'm so loving Pinterest, and I have a couple of thoughts to share on the whole topic.  First of all, someone pointed out how it can tend to cause us to covet and yearn for that which is out of our reach.  Sorta a theme in our discontented culture.  That concern got me thinking.  So, I've made it a rule of my own to not pin things that I think I might DIE if I don't have.  Instead, I try to use pinterest to glean ideas that are do-able.  Yes, I have a fashionista dreams board--but I try to pin ideas that spark my desire to find a cheap, knock off version, rather than something I can never own.   The second concern I've heard about pinterest is the time-sucking obsession that it can become.  Another good point.  Thus, I try to use pinterest on my phone only when I am sitting and waiting somewhere, or those down moments when I might be sitting watching mindless television anyway and want to keep my hands busy.   Those are bonus deep thoughts for you today.  It's always good to consider how we are investing our time and talents, and to establish healthy perimeters.

Now, on to the "make it" part.  I was intrigued by a pinterest monogram idea I saw stamped on burlap that was framed in an embroidery hoop.  A-ha!  Just my kind of bargain.  Then, it occurred to me that the whole super cute button monogram idea on fabric might merge to create a hybrid make it project somewhat all my own (although still technically craft lifted).  Voile!

(if you look closely in the reflection, you'll see my handsome teenage son...I was still in jammies this morning so I recruited a volunteer).

Here's another look:

I have super easy short cut instruction advice for you today.  Come to our Art and Soul Craft Club on April 12th at 7:30...cause this is our project!  We postponed our March get-together until that day, and all you need to bring is $8.  All supplies will be provided.

But, just in case you don't live in the DFW area, I guess I'll share the details for you.  
1/4 yard of burlap   (Hobby Lobby)
14" embroidery hoop  (Hobby Lobby)
buttons  (Hobby Lobby or Oriental Trading Company online)
hot glue and glue gun
embellishment flowers  (Hobby Lobby)
ribbon (any craft store)

1. Open your embroidery hoop and place your burlap over the bottom hoop, then clamp the top hoop on.  Pull at the edges of the burlap until it's very taut in the hoop.  Trim the edges of the fabric on the back, and hot glue them down.

2.  Pull all the buttons in the color you want to use into a pile, and begin hot gluing them in the middle of the burlap to form your letter.  I first did a basic "E" with simple lines, then filled it in until it looked like I wanted.

3.  Hot glue the embellishment flowers where you want them.

4.  Form a bow with your ribbon and hot glue it at the top.

There you have it.  Super easy and inexpensive.  You can do this in such a wide array of color schemes--make it really sophisticated with black buttons and maybe a black tulle ribbon?  Or, bright and cheerful?  You could use a different fabric and make a cute wreath for a baby's or child's room?  You could even paint the embroidery hoop if you don't like the basic wood color.  Endless possibilities.

If you want to join us for this project at the April Art and Soul, just let me know and I'll get you the address.  Happy Crafting!  Make it a great Monday, bloggy friends.


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