Make it Monday: Valentine Wreath (under $3)

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I love Valentine's Day.  If you've read my blog for a year or two, you know that this is one holiday I really, really get into.  I love celebrating love.  Not so much the romantic love--although I am blessed by the most amazing husband ever.  But, more the power of love and our call to show a love that puts others first.  Truly, as Christ followers, the Word says the world will know we are His by our love.  So, let's spur ourselves and our families on by truly celebrating and teaching about love through Valentine's Day.  

To get you about just printing off these Valentine countdown Scripture cards and posting them in the house?  How's that for FREE?  

That's just a little extra bonus for you, my bloggy friends.  Now on to my project today.  Now that I have that handy dandy command hook on my storm door, my goal is to create a wreath for each month this year...something I can reuse every year.  I've been perusing pinterest for some cute Valentine wreaths, and there are many to choose from to be sure.  I settled on my idea when I saw these red berry floral stems on sale at Hobby Lobby for 90% off.  Yeppers.  90% off--they were Christmas florals.  But, I saw Valentine potential in them.

Here's where I started. I snapped up about 15 to 20 of those red berry bad-boys and brought them home to my craft room, tucking them away until I had some time last week and realized--GASP!  It was already February.  Lucky for me those stems were wired, which made this project super duper easy.  I grabbed some extra jewelry wire I had at home--really thick stuff that was 24 gauge and I also grabbed my wire cutters.  

Step one was to just start wrapping those stems around each other, starting in the top middle of the heart.  Here's a picture.

Do you see where this is headed?  I just gradually kept wrapping stems around the middle of the one before until I had the form of a heart.  I used the last 5 or so stems to fill in gaps so that you saw berries instead of those brown stems. It was a big floppy (still is), so this is where I grabbed my jewelry wire.  I started in the top middle of the heart and wound wire around the entire heart to help support it.  I bent the whole thing a bit more to get the shape I wanted. 

My conundrum at that point, once I THOUGHT I was about done, was how on earth to hang this?  This was a typical trial-and-error-making-it-up-as-I-go along.  That's sorta how I tend to tackle such projects.  I tried one approach, which did NOT work.  So, my next step was to grab some cute dark pink ribbon I had on hand (purchased for a different project but turned out I chose the wrong color).  Alas, that dark pink ribbon had found it's home.  I made a little loop in the middle of the ribbon, tying a knot to secure that little loop.  This is where the wreath can hang on the hook on the back of the wreath.  Then, I wrapped the ribbon around that center part of the heart a few times, and brought the ribbon ends to the front of the heart to tie a cute bow.  Voile! That my friends was a super easy, CHEAP Valentine wreath.
Sorry--yes, there I am in the reflection on the in my favorite fuschia fleece...coincidentally, also cost me $3...kinda like this wreath. 

I hope my directions make sense?  And, I hope you can score some berry stems on major clearance.  If not, you can keep this in mind next January and tackle this one next year.  For now, I challenge you to think of some other ways to celebrate LOVE at your house!  You don't have to spend much money.  Next Make it Monday, I'll give you some more ideas so that you can make Valentine's Day a special day with your kidlets.  Don't worry--they are things you can throw together quickly so that you are ready to CELEBRATE next Tuesday.

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