Make it Monday: Canvas and Baskets and Calendars--Oh My!

11:28 AMHeather

I must say that I've had a rather crafty and pinterest-y week here at mi casa.  Just sorta happened that way.  So, for you bloggy friends--today, I offer you a TRIPLE feature of Make it Monday.  

First up, I saw this calendar on pinterest and thought it was just what my busy family needed.

Chris and I have stood pretty firm on our "one child in one activity at a time" rule for our family.  We knew that that the day was coming when all three of our children would be old enough to have specific interests that we'd want to encourage and allow them to explore.  But, we held a tight rein when they were younger.  Um, yeah--that day has come!  All three of the kidlets are having all kinds of fun which means Mom's taxi service is busier than ever.  And, I thought this calendar would help us keep it all together.

But, when I saw said frame at Wal-mart, I realized each frame was too small for my needs.  So, off to the beloved Hobby Lobby for me to score 7 of these frames.
Yep, 8" x 10" was what we needed.  These were $3.99, but you know the old Hob Lob rule--you only buy when it's 50% off.  CHECK!  So, $14 in frames.  I used scrapbook paper I had on hand and sticker letters also on hand to create each day's frame.  I also used a smaller frame I had on tap to use for the "Our week" frame.  

The trickiest part was figuring out how to glue these 8 frames together?  I bought Gorilla glue epoxy (40% coupon, of course), but it wasn't working as I thought it would.

So, I fell back on the usual Heather method of rigging something good enough.  I hot glued each frame where it met the next one.  Then, on the back of the whole thing, I cut strips of ribbon.  I hot glued 3 strips of ribbon over each joint--acting as a binding.  Not pretty--but did the trick.  And, voile!  Our week at a glance.
I know you can't read my dry erase writing, but we have one busy week ahead.  Now, the kids and the hubby can see it all at a glance, and I can keep myself in line better about who needs to get where when.  Whew!

Here is my second project this week.  I bought this darling wallie at Hob Lob (when 50% off--it was $10 total).  I could just picture it on a canvas.  I finally got that tackled for my girlie girl--3 months later.  
 I love how this turned out.  So, all the lettering and the crown were part of the wallie.  Honestly--I cut apart the letters and then the phrase was cut in half to squeeze it on the canvas that I wanted to use.  To make this canvas, I first did a quick coat of white acrylic paint on the canvas, then painted hot pink and black polka dots.  Adhered the wallie, and hot glued some rhinestones.  Ta-da!  Took me about 2 hours total--with drying time.  And, since the canvas was bought with a 40% off coupon--whole project cost me about $18.

Lastly, I finally got around to painting my half-bath.  Yep, only took 3.5 years!  When the toilet was replaced last fall with one that had a smaller tank, the layers of the old paint color were suddenly apparent.  That was the final push for me to paint.  No excuse--I had leftover paint (Sherwin Williams Latte color) from our formal living and dining room.  This was a free project, just costing my time.  But, I ran into one snag.

There's a full size towel bar in our half-bath.  That has never made much sense to me.  You don't really need 2 regular bath towels in a half-bath?  But, that's how I handled this conundrum when we moved in.  I thought I'd just remove that towel bar when I painted.  Except that I couldn't figure it out, and my man was out of town.  

Alas, pinterest was my saving grace.  I bought 2 baskets (yes, say it with me--50% off at Hob Lob), and used the ties from the liner to tie them to the bar.  Used one for extra toilet paper (what guest wants to have to ask for toilet paper in the middle of their bathroom usage?) and the other for some handy paper hand towels. 
 I know this hardly counts as a "make it project" since I literally tied 2 baskets to a bar...but hey--cut me some slack!  I was proud of my plan "B" solution--and finally getting rid of that off white with now a glimpse of green paint showing around the potty.   

Now, be inspired and go create!  It's a holiday, so maybe you have some extra time today.  Grab the kids and make something together.  Even if it's memories--those are the best "make its" anyway.

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