God's Call to Be Hoarders

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A couple of you may have notice how sporadic my blog posts have been the last two weeks.  At least in my own grandiose thinking, I'd like to pretend this was noted by someone?  If not, humor me.  Well, bloggy friends.  Here's the deal.  I've been really busy doing this.

And, this. 

Oh, for the love of my new color coded hangers for each child's closet! 

And, how about some rubbermaids?  Some still need a touch from my beloved label maker.  That's my medicine and toiletry stockpile closet.

And, the joys of a purged craft room closet.

Yep, just in case my tendency toward being a tad bit OCD was in question...I present to you exhibit A, B, C, D, and E.  Some of you have teased me in real life (outside the internet) about how you can't believe I'd even have a need for purging.  But, of course!  I like to keep my house tidy--but in times of a busy schedule or messed up neck--all things get shoved into the closets and garage.  And one of my darling MIL's flew in to help me with this huge purging project that was my house AND garage.  (just to clarify--I have one husband--not two--and two amazing sets of in-laws).

Proof of my need to purge?  Check out the evidence on it's way out from the scene of the crime.

Yi yi yi.  That's just ONE van load of donations on it's way to GRACE in Grapevine.  I thought I got a picture of the pile for the 1800GOTJUNK people--but I can't find it for you at this moment.  Yes, folks, hoarders isn't just a disgusting TV show.  

As I was writing out my children's nightly Scripture cards for their pillows, I found this verse in Proverbs.  And, oh how it affirmed my tendency to hoard a little bit. Or, shall I say--how it redirected my tendency to hoard a little bit.

Wise men store up knowledge.
Proverbs 10:14
Friends--don't you see?  God calls us to be hoarders!  Not of junk--but hoarders of His wisdom.  We are to store it up.  Fill up the closets, cabinets and garages of our hearts and minds with KNOWLEDGE.  And not just any knowledge.  I could google a thousand brainiac children right now and see kids who can recite all states and capitols from their cribs.  That's man's knowledge.  No, we are to hoard God's knowledge.  

Just how do we do that?  We should be in His word--and get His word in us.  We should be praying and seeking and praising and thanking Him.  We should be running with the wise and let them rub off on us.  We should be the WISE that others want to run with.  

INTENTIONAL challenge:  It has been amazingly cathartic to purge and simplify around my house.  It has also been alarming to realize the excess JUNK that we tend to live with.  I looked at that pile of stuff to be carted off and realized how rich I was--that my throw-away pile was more than many people in the world will ever own.  When it comes to our possessions--may we learn to be content with less.  But, when it comes to our knowledge of God and our wisdom, may we never be content with anything less than a hoarder mentality!

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