Frugal Friday--Rubber Mat Wall Hanging

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Who can relate to this problem?  You have a huge blank wall--maybe above a couch.  And you don't happen to have a huge budget to fill that huge spot.  Yep, that was me.  So, I turned to my favorite habit.  Craft lifting.

I completed this project a couple of years ago, and can't remember the original blog I got it from.  So, my apologies to that creative genius.  Allow me to share the love with you today, bloggy friends.

That, my friends, cost me a grand total of $35.  Not only was it inexpensive, but it was oh-so-easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. 

Supplies?  4 pieces of wood 12" x 36"
                 rubber door mat
                 wood stain
                 spray paint
                 4 picture hangers

So, here's what I did.  I took a little trip to Lowes, and bought one of those rubber door mats that look like wrought iron.  

Then, I had the handy lumber guy cut me 4 pieces of really inexpensive plywood--each measuring 12" x 36".  Learn from me--I bought cheap wood because I wasn't sure how this would turn out.  If I had it to do over, I'd buy nicer and thicker wood.

Once I got home, I grabbed some leftover wood stain I happened to find in the garage.  In fact, it was left from the old homeowners.  I'm not picky!  Worked just fine to stain the wood.  You could also paint the wood if you'd rather.

After the wood dried, I put two pieces of wood smashed up together.  Then, throw the rubber mat on top of the wood, lining it up just right.  Simply spray paint and your rubber mat will act as a stencil on the wood!  Again, I just used spray paint I found in the garage.  Any old color combination will do.

Repeat this step on the last two pieces of wood, and allow all the wood to dry.  Nail the picture hangers on the back of each wood piece, and fill up that naked wall! 

Voile!  Big impact, little budget and effort.  Oh--and if you want to borrow my rubber mat, I'm happy to lend it out.  That'll save you even more money.   Happy crafting!

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