Christians Don't Hate Enough

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As I tackled the Lies Women Believe chapter about sin, I came to a realization of what is wrong with myself AND the church at large today.  The truth is that Christians don't hate enough.  

Allow me to clarify that statement, lest you think I am some hate monger akin to a certain church who spreads their message of hate, soiling the name of Christ.  You see, the problem is that Christians don't hate our own personal sin enough.  

Oh, we hate sin alright.  We spew our hatred of other people's sin, or perceived sin, all over the place.  We are so quick to look down upon others and cast a critical eye on all that they do wrong.  I love how Casting Crowns sheds light on this epidemic in their song Stained Glass Masquerade.  We seem to want to sit in our holy huddle, excluding anyone that might not look or act like we think they should.  And, this, in and of itself is sin.  A grievous sin at that--because we turn people off from Christ.  

I recently read a very interesting blog post about how a group of believers attended a gay rights parade with signs saying they were sorry.  Their hope was to express love--the genuine authentic love of Christ.  To right their own personal wrongs in making anyone feel less than the love that Christ would offer were he walking the earth today.   It was intriguing to me to say the least.  Because I think Christ would want us to throw the church doors--and more importantly--our own heart doors--wide open, expressing His love, to everyone.  Christ modeled this all throughout Scripture in his ministry.  He hung with the sinners.  He steered clear of the judgmental ways of the Pharisees and Saducees.  He proved His love on the cross.  His love for all.  And we cheapen that love when we don't do the same. 

I believe that in my own life and the church at large, much would change were we to truly hate our own sin enough.  Were we to turn that critical magnifying glass on the log in our own eye, what would change?  If we were so disgusted by our own sin that we surrendered ourselves completely to being refined and changed by the Holy Spirit--then what?!  I tell you what.  I think revival. In fact, God promises just that.  Take a look.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14

How appealing do you think we make God's grace appear when we don't even extend it ourselves?   How different does a walk with God look from the world when we don't hate our sin enough to continually seek to root it out?   What makes our lives in Christ abundant?  Is it our abundance of hating other sins--or ignoring our own?  I realize I have got to hate my sin more--so much so that I am determined to be freed from its clutches to walk an ever more God honoring life, day by day.

INTENTIONAL challenge:    What do you think?  Do you hate your sin enough to ever strife to be rid of it?  Or do you have some codependent relationship with it--keeping it around like a baby pet python that will eventually grow so big it will strangle you?  Oh, Lord--help me to HATE and despise my sin and turn it to you to rid me from it, changing me day by day, baby step by baby step--to glorify you more.  Help me to be a living example of your love!  Let those around me see a difference in me--a Spirit filled life--instead of living in my fleshly nature!

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