Toddlers & Tiaras--Where's Your Crown?

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If you wonder where my blog post was yesterday--I am wondering the same thing.  Because honestly--I just couldn't make sense of my crowded brain enough to form coherent sentences.  Alas, today is a new day--and I have something to share that I hope is somewhat profound, even if it's based on the TLC show, Toddlers and Tiaras

What on earth could be profound about that train wreck of a television show?  Well, first off--it's a profound reflection of our human condition and the depths we have all fallen to be entertained.   These crazy moms (and sometimes dads)--some crazier than others--who go to GREAT lengths to have their child win some crown.  It's hard to keep a straight face when the child wins a whopping $1000 cash prize and gloats about it--knowing the parents have spent that several times over just to get the child equipped for the pageant.  And, is it just me--or in some episodes does it seem that only a handful of girls are competing in each category, yet we wait in suspense to see if they place?  Of course they will!  There are only 5 girls.  All the while, a smattering of audience members (mostly, it would seem, are family members of the contestants) take in the whole affair?  I am just saying--these do not seem to be well attended events with hundreds of contestants.

Yes, friends--I have been known to be sucked into this drama.  Particularly on a Saturday afternoon while the children have room time.  It is truly like driving by a car accident scene--you know you shouldn't gawk, but you just can't fight the curiosity?  I would like to blame my curiosity on my insatiable hunger to explore human dynamics as any good social worker would.  Ah, who am I kidding?  I am just intrigued.  

But, this morning, as I wrote out a nightly Scripture card for my daughter's pillow, I couldn't help but think of Toddlers and Tiaras while I inked the words to Psalm 149:4:

For the Lord takes delight in His people;
He crowns the humble with salvation.

If you, too, have fallen victim to the temptation of this glitz show then you know of which I speak when I say that most of the time, the parents--particularly the mom--seems to delight in the event more than the participant.  Oh, she coaches and watches intently from the sideline, aware of every move and action, clapping and drinking it all in.  She is DELIGHTED in her child's every effort.  Well, except for the insane and cruel stage moms who are critical of every mistake--but I am not talking about them right now.  

Back to the delighted moms--is that NOT a picture of our Heavenly Father?  He watches our every move, delighting in our efforts for Him in this game of life.  At times, I feel sure that He is more aware and more delighted at my baby steps toward victory than I am--because I am much like those seemingly disinterested pageant contestants.  He is clapping and cheering for me.  If God had a blinged out t-shirt to show his affection for me, it would boldly proclaim that He was MY supporter.

And, while those little tots may be overwhelmed to earn a ridiculous crown that is taller than they are, my Abba has an even better crown than any rhinestone studded, 4 foot pageant crown.  It's the CROWN of salvation.  It's worth and value far exceeds any earthly jewel.  When I humbly direct my daily efforts in life to glorify Him, then I am competing well.  When I go through my day mindful of His presence, aware of how I might best bring a smile to His face, I am running my race well.  And, if it were possible, God would make a fool of Himself to show his love for me.  Oh, wait--it is possible--and He did.  Because how foolish does it seem to the world that God would express His love for me by sending his Son to die?

INTENTIONAL challenge:  Now, I am not saying you have to watch Toddlers and Tiaras.  If you've never seen it, just picture the scene of an impossibly delighted parent rooting like a maniac for their most beloved child in a nail biting competition.  Oh, those pageant moms act like their daughter's attempts to win Little Miss Perfectly Wonderful Best Girl in the World IS life or death.  But, our efforts in this life really are life and death--it's the real deal.  And day after day--can you just picture your Heavenly Father taking delight in YOU?  Crowning you with salvation?  Beats any glitz and glamor this world has to offer--that's for sure!

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