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In case you missed the news, there is a new addition to our family...and it's a BOY!

My son, Cooper, took this darling picture of our Murphy.  Murphy is a beagle mix rescue dog that we adopted on Saturday.  As we set out that morning to an adoption event, my anxiety level increased.  What if all 5 of us couldn't agree on one dog?  How would we know which dog to choose--if any?  Although it felt like it--was it really the right time to add a dog to our family?  

Well, suffice it to say--Murphy seemed to choose us.  I won't bore you with all the details, but as soon as he came out of his crate, his tail was wagging, he came up to greet us, and jumped in my lap.  2 out of 3 children literally CRIED in their desperate pleas that THIS WAS THE ONE!  The other child was on his hands and knees begging that we take Murphy home.  And, my man was like a child in the pleading look in his eyes and sly smile that said, "YES, PLEASE!"

How happy do they all look?!  As we brought Murphy into our home, I wondered what we'd be in for in our transition.   He was found wondering the streets, so we knew nothing about his background.  But, the few days we've had him have led me to some conclusions.  

Murphy is very laid back, friendly, loyal, and good natured.  He follows us around the house--always wanting to be near us.  He will jump into your lap, has shown no aggression or anxiety, and even lets Caris carry him around like a baby doll--which, by the way, we are now training Caris to NOT do.  He follows commands well and seems to be bonding to us with no issue whatsoever.  

From all this, I am assuming that he was loved in his last home.  Because he acts as though he was.  The way he acts and reacts to us makes me think that he had a good life before--because he so readily shows love and affection and accepts it from us, too.

I was thinking through this last night, and thought of this chorus from a Mark Schultz song:

Live like you're loved by the Lord above
Spread out your wings and never give up
Cause you can do anything
Be who you're meant to be
Always remember to dream and keep your head up
And live like you're loved 

INTENTIONAL challenge:  What about you?  As you enter a new place or interact with others, is it obvious that you are loved by the way you act?  Do you extend grace and kindness and love to others, as a sure sign of the fact that you are being loved fiercely by the God of all creation?  How do I go through my day?  Do I live in such a way that there is no doubt that I am loved?  Lord, please help me to really accept your love--for the love of the Father--help me to embrace it, rest in it, and be changed by it!

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