Frugal Friday--GREAT gift, under $1

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Have I got a deal for you!  TRULY.  If you love to give gifts as much as me, and you love a bargain as much as me...THIS is the blog post for you.  

Now, check out this wooden frame, just begging to be a completed project.

As you can tell from the label, this frame came from Michael's, and regularly cost $1.  Yep, a bargain on any day.  But, I was STOKED when I studied my Michael's sales ad for my shopping today.  

Because these frames were on sale 3 for $2!  Yes, folks, just $0.66.  Can you believe it?!  Of course, I snagged some while I was loading up my cart with the 170 strands of beads that I was purchasing for the big craft event at my church on November 5th (insert shameless plug:  CREATE Christmas....6 different projects will be offered, 9 am-1 pm, come and go, all projects $5 or $10).  OH--and yes, by the way--EVERY single strand of beads had to be individually scanned.  It was like a scene from Extreme Couponing--especially when the register refused to scan any more items and wouldn't take my coupons.

So, back to this fabulous find.  Who doesn't love a personalized frame?  I'm picturing (ha ha!  no pun intended) wedding gifts, baby gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts...endless possibilities.  Here are some examples of just what you could do.
 #1--Grab some paint, wooden shapes, and a paint pen. 

Not a painter?  How about some mod podge and scrapbook paper?

 #2--Voile!  Something like this....

#3--after you mod podge, how about hot gluing on a bow?  DARLING

 #4--Speaking of bows--paint the frame black and add a ribbon

 #5--Decoupage hard for you?  How about rip the scrapbook paper in bits and then glue it on?

 #6--Decoupage doesn't have to just be for scrapbook about tissue paper, wrapping paper or paper napkins?

INTENTIONAL challenge:  Why not run to the store and take advantage of this great bargain gift idea?  I can't wait to dig in myself, get to crafting and see what I can come up with.  As my cousin Megan would say--you can't afford not to.

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