Frugal Friday--Another Bargain Wall Hanging

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These days I am knee deep in holiday preparation.  NOT Columbus Day or Halloween, but yes, CHRISTMAS preparation.   In order to dispel any label of Supermom or Super Organized, allow me to explain.  I am in charge of CREATE Christmas at my church, which is a super fun craft event on November 5th.  (Sure, I've mentioned this before--and you can be sure I will mention it again).  The point of CREATE Christmas is to come and craft and go home with bargain Christmas gifts.  Every project is either $5 or $10. 

Since those craft supplies don't magically appear, I have been having lots of fun handling the shopping for this big day, which has totally put me in the Christmas shopping mood.  So, my shopping has looked a little like this.  One thing for CREATE Christmas, one thing for someone on my Christmas list.  :)  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE finding or making gifts for people?  

This is one of my favorite stand-by gifts, for teachers or friends or family.   

Of course, I had to make one to give myself first.  This hangs in my breakfast nook, and again--is an item that seems to draw people's attention.  So, I thought you bloggy friends might enjoy this idea this Frugal Friday.  I must say that this is NOT one of my cheapest gift ideas, but it carries a big punch for a substantial gift idea.

Start with an inexpensive frame--and my trick here is that this was a framed and matted picture of a rooster in it's former life.  When Hobby Lobby had wall decor for half-off, I snatched it up.  I WISH that I had a picture of that so you can see how it started out.  I think it was about $20--but this included the matting.  I have found some framed and matted wall art for about $12 (with 50% off discount)--so look with fresh eyes on framed items--ignore the artwork, because you will rip it out anyway.

I used a fabric scrap I had from some past project, and I bought the metal word at Hobby Lobby--again half-off.  That cost me $4.  I have also made this by cutting a word from black cardstock with my Cricut when I couldn't find the metal word I wanted (even cheaper, of course).  I simply hot glued the metal letter onto the fabric, using a bit of E6000 as well to ensure a tight hold.  Then, I just used some cross charms (yes, again--50% off at Hobby Lobby) and hot glued them on the fabric as well.  The charms were leftover from another project, but the total cost for the charms were about $5.

Now, pull out the matting from the frame, and spread a bit of hot glue on the back of the mat--all around.  Quickly adhere the decorated fabric to the mat.  Now slip it all into your frame.  Voile!  
I think it's a high impact look for about $30.  Of course, you can do it for even less if you find a great frame on discount or the slightly damaged section of the craft store.  Even better--repurpose an old frame with artwork you are tired of, or raid a garage sale or thrift store.  

Excited to share a HUGE wall display next Frugal was very quick and cheap, and is large enough that it hangs above my couch.  Have a good weekend and happy frugal crafting!

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