9/11...Sharing a Personal Letter

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9/11.  One of those days that if you were alive and old enough, you remember every detail of it.  I know it's etched in my memory.  My boys were 2 1/2 and 6 months.  Too young to fully understand.  Then, again, I think most of us cannot fully understand.  I wrote each of my boys a letter about that day.  In honor of the 10th anniversary, I will share my letter to Collin with you today.

Dear Collin--
September 11 started like any other day.  After breakfast, we were putting Cooper down for his nap when the phone rang.  A friend from church was tracking down another friend who had traveled to New York on business.  Becca was frantic on the phone, and said, "They are flying planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon."  It took me a minute to realize she wasn't joking.  I turned on the television--my heart in my stomach--and called Daddy.  He agreed we would let you watch as this history unfolded.  

I fell to the floor as you and I watched the second plane hit the second tower--live on television.  I have never before or since heard such panic in a television broadcaster's voice.  You had many questions, and I tried to be honest.  I told you some men who were very mean did a very bad thing, and many people got hurt.  You prayed with me for our friend in New York on business, your Uncle John who worked at the Pentagon, and our American Airlines flight attendant friend.  Each of these 3 friends were safe--although Uncle John was called in to do search and recovery for weeks afterward at the Pentagon.  He met the president during his 12 hours on and 12 hours off shifts.  But, we know it was very traumatic for him. 

You and I thanked God later that all our friends and family were safe.  We watched TV all day and talked to Dad all day long, too.  It was stunning, shocking--just unbelievable.  

We went to a prayer service at church that night--and I was SO glad.  What perspective to walk into church and sing about how our God reigns--to remember that He is STILL on His throne, even after something like this.  It's like I had been telling you all day long--GOD IS STILL THE BIGGEST.

What happened that day was horrible, and truly a day that changed our country.  I feel more vulnerable--knowing something like that can happen here in America.  We always tend to think of such violence and war in other countries.  It's hard to understand why someone can hate us so much that they'd do something so awful.  But, it's also amazing to consider what the Lord did in the midst of it all.  He protected countless thousands of people from harm.  Initial reports said up to 50,000 people visit each tower every day.  His name was called on, exalted and trusted--on international television.  He brought our country closer, He stirred the hearts of leaders to call on Him.  We pray His comfort was felt by all who suffered.  I assure you of this--He is still God--and He is the biggest.  As you struggle with your own fears about that day--or face other trials in life--remember, my sweet boy--if God were small enough to understand, He wouldn't be big enough to worship.

I love you so very much,
Your Mom

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