Frugal Friday--Cake Pops, a How-To

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We had such fun watching Megan Roundtree on The Next Great Baker last fall.  We love her new bakery Legacy Cakes on Main Street in Grapevine even more.  It's like eating a little piece of heaven to eat her cupcakes and cake balls.  And, while there is NO WAY to make anything nearly as good as hers, the kids and I attempted our own, more affordable version of cake pops at home last week.

 First, the ingredients....

Cake mix (we chose red velvet)
Can of frosting
Lollipop sticks from Hobby Lobby
Pipe icing for embellishment (optional)
2 Bags of Chocolate melts from Hobby Lobby
Styrofoam to insert cake pops as they harden

First of all, bake your cake in a 13" x 9" pan, and then let it cool. 
 Look at my kids helping out!

Next, crumble it up into a large bowl.  Mix in the can of frosting, using your hands to mix it all up.  Good MESSY fun!  Then, roll into balls on a cookie sheet and freeze them for at least 20 minutes.
The next step is to melt your chocolate melts in a microwavable bowl.  Melt for about 30 seconds and stir.  Repeat until the chocolate is melted.  Stir in about 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil into the chocolate to thin it slightly.

Ready for the last part now!  Take your lollipop sticks and dip into the chocolate at the tip to act as the glue for the cake ball.  Then, insert that end into the cake ball.  Dip into the melted chocolate, twirling the stick to remove excess.  

Place the cake pops into the styrofoam to harden.  This can be a little messy as some chocolate may drip.  So, I put a large pan under the styrofoam to catch the drips.

NOTE:  Our cake balls started to thaw by the end, which made dipping into the chocolate difficult.  SO, if this happens, put them back into the freezer for a few minutes and then complete the process.

Once the chocolate was hardened, we drizzled the blue pipe icing to add a little extra.   Cooper wanted to add some red sprinkles as well--going for the patriotic theme with our red velvet cake, white chocolate, blue drizzles, and red sprinkles. 
Now, these aren't the prettiest cake pops...remember that this was a project WITH the kids.  And, they don't taste as good as from a bakery.... but there weren't too many complaints at the big family Fourth of July gathering.  In fact, they were gone pretty quickly!  

We are going to take a second try at it for my Caris' upcoming 7th birthday party.  Hope you have some fun with it, too!

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