Frugal Friday--Baby Girl's Room Make-Over, Part 1

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Listen, you bloggy friends HAVE to keep this a secret!  Because if I let you in on it--you CANNOT tell my baby girl.  Um, yeah.  I DO mean the nearly 7 year old who will soon tower over me.  I know she's not a baby, but it's all going by too quickly.  So, I was a little sad when she began making noises about updating her room.  WHAT?  The adorable baby pink and apple green room?  The one with the duvet that my husband picked out?  And the paint color a super cute 3 year old chose all for herself?  What did she mean something more grown up?!

[Insert deep sigh].  I can't deny it.  Seeings how she now nearly reaches my chin and says these very mature things (in between the whining or baby talk regression) that make me realize she really is growing up--whether I like it or not.  

So, it boiled down to this.  Her top two birthday wishes were a hamster or a room make-over.  Room make-over it is!!  Here's the plan. Chris will take the chil-rens out of the house this weekend for me to finish up a couple of crafty projects.  Then, on Wednesday, he will kidnap the birthday girl for a long lunch while the boys and I QUICKLY install the new bedding, rug, lamp & wall decor.  Later on, I will somehow manage to sew a new curtain and chair slipcover.  Probably after school starts back....

My budget for said project is $150.  I went SLIGHTLY over (by $18).  Because--here's the deal--not just any zebra rug will do--must be white & black--not cream & black. And nothing that looks like a bath mat.  Before I continue, take a look around and check out the "before."  And, feel free to ohhh and ahhh at it's little girl cuteness.

Not really sure what is going on with the top of that cedar chest under the window that belonged to her great-grandmother.  She loves those blankets piled up there.  Alrighty then.  And, that purple Caris canvas?  Her cousin Abby taught her to write her name, and they created that together.  DARLING!  The lamp...I can't part with that.  I made that at about 9 months pregnant, burning my swollen fingers with hot glue.  So, it'll have to take on a black bow or some hot pink flowers to stay with the new decor.  And, those sweet little clothes for the window treatment all came from some special occasion in her little baby and toddler life.  I will soon be packing most of them away.  But, I have figured out a way to display 3 in a more "mature" fashion.

Let me lay out how I spent the budget, and then come back next Frugal Friday to see the end result! 

Comforter & shams $34.00 (Wal-Mart)
Sheets & bedskirt $30 (Wal-Mart)
Hot pink bed chair thingie $12 (Wal-Mart)
Wall decor, lamp, and zebra pillow $42 (Hobby Lobby)
Rug & body pillow with plush zebra cover $50 (Target)
Repainting shadow boxes I already have  FREE

I hope that the crowd will burst into applause--or at least the birthday girl.  Praying the only tears are from JOY.  We are keeping the light pink walls because this Mama is officially boycotting painting.  I am JUST now getting my neck back to normal, after all.   There you have it.  Now, just stay tuned for the big reveal....

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