Changing my Relationship Status with TV

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Dear Television,

You have brought me many hours of entertainment and brainless "down time."  Of course, we've had some good times and good memories.  But, in sifting through what I've been stiffnecked about, I've come to realize that I have been way too stubborn about our relationship.  You see, our love affair has gotten out of control.  And, as I push myself to choose a deeper obedience to the Lord, I realize that I have to break up with you.  

Oh, we can still be friends.  In fact, I am realizing now that if all five of us in my little family are careful and yes, I will use this word--intentional--than our relationship with you can become healthy.  We can choose to watch a certain show on occasion, turning you on for a time limited duration.  But, gone are the days of mindlessly getting sucked in for way too much of our time.  Or, at least, I hope that is a thing of the past.

Because I care, I want to be brutally honest.  As I have stepped back and taken some time apart, I have realized some things about you that I think, for your own sake, as well as mine, that I need to point out.  Unfortunately, you seem to take over.  My children are impacted in their attitudes as they become addicted.  And, the time--oh the time--that you can demand.  This time apart has taught me that my children have BIG imaginations that can be put to better use.  And, the evenings of family time are much more enjoyable and healthy when we interact.  Oh wait--you may not know what the word interact means?   Our summer days have brought us a deeper relationship with each other because we have asked you to take a step back.

And, so, please know, that I appreciate your time and effort.  You in and of yourself are not bad.  You are a hard habit to break!  But, I think if we change our status to friends who occasionally spend time together, then it is better for everyone involved.

Warmest Regards,

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