My Redeemer Lives

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I was so moved by this video I just saw on Facebook.

While I listened, I glanced up at the title.  I realized--it's so full of meaning!

"MY"--as in personal, intimate.  When something is mine, it belongs to me and vice versa.  There's a relationship.  There's nothing vague or broad--but really quite specific.  He is MINE, and I am HIS.

"REDEEMER"--Yes, He redeemed my life.  He bought me out of sin and separation when he paid the price on the cross.  He ensured an eternal relationship.  He bought me back from a certain death.  And, as if that very huge sacrifice wasn't enough--He is my redeemer in more personal ways.  He redeems my pain.  He redeems my sorrows.  He redeems my hard roads.  He redeems my bitter tears.  He redeems my brokenness.  He redeems my wounds.  HE buys back every hard thing.  He never wastes a single heartache (as Steven Curtis Chapmans says in one of his songs).  He invests them in the bank of my heart to bring about good and profit.  He uses it all for His ultimate, greater good.  

"LIVES"--He lives.  He is not dead.  He is not some stone statue. He is not just history or distant future.  He said, "I am."  As in, I am present.  As in, whatever you need, I am--in the here and now.  I am the answers to your questions.  I am the comfort for your heartache.  I am the lifter of your head.  I am the lover of your soul.  I am your Abba Father.  I am your provider.  I am closer than a brother.  I am here.  I AM!  What do you need?  Well, HE IS.  Because He lives....and how I do love me that old song that says, "because He lives, I can face tomorrow."  

INTENTIONAL challenge:  I challenge you to do as I am today--meditate on the phrase "my Redeemer lives."  Think about the hope and the meaning and the significance behind each word.  Let Him be YOUR I am today, the One who bought you out of the slavery to sin, and the One who buys back and uses every hard and rough thing for His fame.

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