My Know-it-All God

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I had a God lesson today--courtesy of a conversation with my first grader.  So, I thought I'd share.

Caris and I were leaving the house to go pick up Collin at the middle school.  When she climbed in the van, she saw my M.cAlister's Deli cup of sweet tea.

Caris: "Mom, did you go to M.cAlister's today?"
Me:  "Yes, I did! My Bible study group went there together for lunch  today."
Caris: "OH, so you went to Compass Church today?  Because that is where you go to Bible study."
 Me: (not realizing Caris had any idea where I go to Bible study this spring) "Yes, Caris, I did! How'd you know that?"
Caris:  "Because I'm smart!  But, you know who's the smartest?!  GOD!"
Me: "You are right!  And, what does God NOT know, Caris?"
Caris:  "NOTHING!  There's NOTHING He doesn't know."

And, it hit me like a lightening bolt.  There I was, trying to create a teaching moment for my daughter, but not even listening to my own words.

What does my God NOT know?  NOTHING.  His omniscience means that He knows me better than I know myself.  It means He knows my pains, my past, my present, my future.  It means He knows the answers to my questions, the time table for my waiting, the solutions to my problems.  It means He knew what this day would hold--the ups and downs, the frustrations, the fun.  It means He knows about tomorrow and the next day.  

It means God never says, "OH, that never occurred to me."  And He is never taken by surprise.  Not by anything that is happening in my life--or yours.  He KNOWS.  

INTENTIONAL challenge:  I like to be in the know.  I like information.  It makes me feel better prepared.  I like to know the plan.  But, that is not how this life works.  If I can have the faith of my first grader--that God is the smartest and there's NOTHING He doesn't know, then knowing the Knower of ALL--my Know-it-All God--will be enough to sustain me.

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