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Generally speaking, we carefully guard our calendar.  Having family time means we have to protect our time.  Yish--don't mean to sound arrogant--like we are in such demand.  But, honestly--there are a million things vying for our time and attention.  So, for us, that means we try to have one child at a time in one extracurricular activity at a time.  And, that means that my children don't attend every classmate's party.  We've learned that an open date on our calendar does NOT mean that we are available. 

So, this weekend was pretty unusual for us.  We literally party hopped on Saturday.  We felt so honored to be included in some pretty special occasions--and we loved celebrating both a high school graduation and a one-year birthday of a special little miracle baby!

It obviously had us feeling all nostalgic about when our babies turned one--and how high school graduations will come too soon!  So, we spent the afternoon Sunday watching home movies.  I could hardly believe my cute little babies and the adorable things they said and did.  How did the years pass so quickly?!  

As we watched, the kids were laughing hysterically, and oohing and ahhing over each other.  In between the warm fuzzies, yes, there were moments of whining for more home movies featuring each of them instead of their siblings.    There were shouts of laughter over mom's ever changing hair-do's.  And, my oldest noted that baby sister sneezed and coughed since birth--proof that her dust mite allergy probably always existed.

It was a really fun family day, snuggling together and reliving all the memories we've shared.  I'd love to say it was the remedy for all manners of sibling rivalry--but that would be overstating it.  However, one boy did offer to assist the other with a school project, in a moment of solidarity.  No matter--it was a great way to spend our day!

INTENTIONAL challenge:  If you and the family are worn out and wanting some television time--why not spend your time watching home movies?  It reminded me of the countless times of God's faithfulness, how far my kids have come, and as always happens in retrospect--how incredibly adorable, darling, and endearing they have always been! Funny--the difficult toddler days, moments of post partum, and days when I thought I might not make it somehow dim with the passing of time.  Kinda like how labor becomes nothing but a magical time in hindsight.  If you need a boost as a family or as a mom--pull out that video camera!  But, don't forget to grab a Kleenex to go with that bowl of popcorn.

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