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I'm so over New Year's resolutions. Stealing an idea from my friend Nicki, I started going with a word for the year. As each year winds down, she prayerfully considers her word for the next year. One year it was freedom as she worked through Beth Moore's Breaking Free. So, last year my word was EMBRACE. As in, embrace the season of life that I'm in. Embrace certain people in my life--who they are and what they are able to bring to the table. Embrace His grace (BTW--still wrestling through this as I expect so much from myself).

Drum roll...I kept landing on the word INTENTIONAL for 2011. Gotta be honest--this scares me. I am an achiever and have the best of intentions. When these intentions are not carried out, I tend to get down on myself. But, I think INTENTIONAL means that I strive to live with more purpose, heading in the right direction. To be more INTENTIONAL with my time, energy, and resources. To be more deliberate in these all too fleeting years of mothering. To be more purposeful in my role as a wife instead of giving my beloved the leftovers of myself. Maybe I even quit being a letter thinker--and actually write that thoughtful note.

With a recent bout of insomnia, I've had hours at night to contemplate what INTENTIONAL means and how to go about this. So, here's what I'm intending to do. In little daily ways, I will challenge myself daily to do something with intention. You blog friends will be my source of accountability as I post about my progress in the year ahead.

Day One INTENTIONAL challenge: I spent New Year's day scrap booking with a friend. Scrap booking is my creative outlet and very therapeutic for me. I can dwell on great memories of my three little darlings instead of being stuck on the challenges of mothering. Plus, scrap booking with a friend meant that I also fed my soul and need for connection. What hobby will you be INTENTIONAL to make time for?

Day Two INTENTIONAL challenge: I've always been a collector. Seems like I often clutter my brain by collecting new ideas. I hear about some fabulous way someone runs with an idea, or I see some tip or recipe in a magazine. And, if you know me at all--you know I clutter my brain with craft lifting ideas. One such idea was to start a book club for a fabulous parenting book. A college friend and sorority sister posted on FB about doing this in Chicago. I commented about how I wish I didn't live so far away. She challenged me to do the same in my area. SO, on January 2, I created the FB event and sent out the invitations for this book club. Easy peasy. What great idea will you be INTENTIONAL to see to fruition today?

And, BTW--despite only three hours of sleep, I was INTENTIONAL to get up today with my kids and see them back to school even though my man offered to handle it. I've got another thought for this third of January--hatched at about 2 am. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

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