Whooah, We're Half Way There

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Yes, folks, it's that time again at our house. Just look at that little dumpling! My toothless wonder hit a milestone today...drum roll, please. Today, she is six AND A HALF! Which means it's party time. For those of you unfamiliar with the crazy antics of my family, half birthdays are reason enough to throw a party.

[Disclaimer: If you have heard this story before, feel free to skip to the end
. Or even move on with your day.]

When my oldest turned six months, I could hardly believe it. I had not seriously maimed him, harmed him, or hurt him. We had survived! For an entire half-year. In my first time mom angst, that was reason enough to celebrate. So half-birthdays happened quite by chance. My MIL and her mother lived near us at the time, so they joined us and my mother for dinner and cake. On a whim, I cut the cake in half and we sang to the oblivious baby boy as he sat on my lap. Somewhere between there and the next half-birthday or two, we began singing half of the birthday song--as in, only the first half of each word. It goes something like this: "Hap Bir ta oo, hap bir ta oo, hap bir de [fill in first half of child's name], hap bir ta oo."

Do we know how to have a good time or what? As our children have gotten older, the tradition has evolved a bit. They get to choose one friend to join us for dinner--and the child's family if possible. And, they get to choose the menu for dinner. This usually entails some explanation as I extend the invitation. "Yes, we'd love to have your family for dinner. We're having hot dogs and cheetos--you know, the usual dinner party fare. " And, no gifts are allowed. After all, this kind of fun doesn't need anything more, right?

INTENTIONAL challenge: So, tonight we celebrate my baby girl turning six AND A HALF! (Yes, she does shout that last part because she's so proud). We're having mac-and-cheese from the box (no other kind will do for her), fruit salad, and spice cake with cream cheese icing AND rainbow sprinkles. I know you are all jealous. This isn't any new tradition at our house, but it's one that I am mindful to continue with full abandon. So, what new tradition can you begin? What reason for celebrating can you embrace--or how can you celebrate for no good reason at all? Make it a Happy Thursday party! Life is full of the mundane--I dare you to break out of the rut and throw a party.

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