One is Silver and the Other is Gold

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"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold." That, my friends, is about the sum of what I gleaned from two years as a Brownie. Oh, that and remembering the creepy drive to the Girl Scout camp on the island of Oahu where we passed the house that belonged to Elvis. We'd wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, then everyone would scream, "LOOK!" just in time for about a ten second look at a tall hilltop. I don't even think we could ACTUALLY see the house--but there was some kind of landmark on the hill.

I was so honored last night to sit in my living room with old friends (as in, I've known you a while now--no comments on age) and new friends, and realizing some of you already knew each other from as far back as high school. We sat together to discuss Six Ways to Keep the 'Little' In your Girl by Dannah Gresh. I just had this moment where I felt such hope knowing that my girl is surrounded by girls whose mothers have the same heart--to see our children choose God's way in a culture that doesn't.

One of the things that struck me the most was when we discussed fostering friendships with other families so that our children are surrounded by Godly influences and other role models. You know, when Mom is not as cool to your child, they might confide in so-and-so's mom who is cool to them. I first thought of the quote about it taking a village, but then I thought better of that. Because, you see, THIS is the body of Christ in action.

We need each other. Plain and simple. I need your wisdom and ideas and support and love. And, I need to move past my pride to let my need be known. I need to show you the same grace and mercy and kindness. We are family, after all--and stuck together FOREVER. Literally. My kids need to see these relationships as examples, to point them toward the type of friendships that will edify and sharpen them and challenge them to choose God's way. Narrow is the way that leads to life, and broad is the path to destruction. But, throw in a few like minded travelers, and the way gets much easier.

INTENTIONAL challenge: I am struck with the challenge to pray more for my children's friendships, particularly over the pain my children feel in the void of friendships at times. We all battle loneliness at times, don't we? I am also challenged to DO MORE to foster friendships with other families who love Jesus so that we can help each other. We are all busy. Fact of life. But, I am telling myself this--if I am TOO busy to connect with others, then I am TOO busy. What will you plan in the next week to help foster friendships? Invite another family over for dinner or a game night or dessert. Plan a play date. Ask another mom to join you for a mother/daughter outing. Take the first step. You might find some gold in your treasure hunt!

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