My Sweet Lil Dumpling

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Part of the beauty of writing a blog is that I have a public forum to brag about my amazing family. (Another part of the beauty of a blog is that you don't even have to feign interest--you can just skip to the bottom if you want to read the intentional challenge of the day).

Of course, all three of my children are brilliant! My middle son recently showed off his brilliance through his mad spelling skills. Yes, friends, he was one of only 17 children who qualified for the school spelling bee! And, one of only 5 fourth graders. Just in case you were wondering the specifics of his feat.

So, we have been making flash cards, creating word walls, and doing all we can to encourage him in his impending endeavor. Since today was the big day, I was trying to think of how to make him feel special and to calm his nerves yesterday. You know, it doesn't have to be complicated. Showing that it's the thought that counts REALLY is in the little things. I decided that last night's dinner menu would be per his request--just like we do on our children's birthdays and half-birthdays (half-birthdays--that's a blog post waiting to be written).

I knew before I even asked what his answer would be. But, I went ahead and asked because I wanted him to know that it was all about him the night before his Spelling Bee Debut. Of course, the boy wanted the family favorite chicken and dumplings. A little labor intensive, but worth the beaming smile on his face.

INTENTIONAL challenge: When someone knows your favorite movie, candy, television show or meal, doesn't it make you feel loved? It's these little things that make a difference because someone knows you THAT well. It's picking up your child from school with his or her favorite Sonic drink or grabbing your husband's favorite candy. So, what preference of your loved one will you accommodate today?

P.S. For those inquiring minds: my guy was the only fourth grader to make it past the first round of the spelling bee! Whew--I think I was sweating more than those poor elementary kids. But, so proud of him for his accomplishments and effort.

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