Just What are Your Intentions?!

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Intentional day #4. ROAD BUMP. Well, that didn't take long. Allow me to sum it up.

Many are the plans in a man's heart
but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

As in, I had my day all planned out, including some ideas about being intentional. However , the Lord's apparent purpose for me today has been to take care of my sick baby girl, including a visit to the doctor and pharmacy.

This, I believe, sums up the reality and truth about living with intention. You see, I can have the best of intentions and really great (even God honoring) plans. But, the Lord has a bigger purpose. And that, my friend, is what living INTENTIONALLY is really all about--submitting to and embracing God's bigger purpose. Every day. In the little detours, as well as those much bigger and more difficult life changing detours. No exception. Even when you lose someone too early. Even when your finances take a hit. Even when doors close on some really big plan (like say, for instance, a family mission trip to India). INTENTIONAL means being deliberate to choose to believe Him about who He is and to follow even when plans and hopes have been dashed.

Now, I have to admit that my plans for today were not all that important in the big scheme of things. But, I am happy to report that somewhere between Dora, Diego and Barbie's Fashion Fairytale, I did manage to pull off my intentional challenge for the day.

INTENTIONAL challenge: In this season of my life, my most important mission is to steer my kids toward Jesus. I often struggle with just how to accomplish this. So, in my sleepless pondering night before last, this idea came to me.

Those are Christmas cards we've just received. I put them on a ring clip, and attached them to the bottom of our chalkboard prayer board. Every day, we will pray at the dinner table for the family who sent us the card for that day. And, hopefully--I'll remember to e-mail, call, or FB message the family to let them know they've been prayed for. What little habit will you begin toward growing your family spiritually?

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