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Um, yeah. That's a little ridiculous. Yes, folks, that sure does say 21 WEEKS--not 21 days. At Christmas, we were shocked to receive an unbelievable gift--a Disney cruise, followed by a quick stay with Orlando based friends to hit the park. And, no, I don't generally spend my days creating crafts to count down an event nearly a half-year away. It's the tyranny of the urgent around here for me.

But, my sweet girlie girl was DYING to make this. Apparently, I set a dangerous precedent back in 2008 when I created a countdown to help my youngest mark the days until a big family vacation. My persistent princess has been begging me for over two weeks to make a Disney countdown. With hosting Christmas, visiting family, doing laundry, having migraines, getting the kids ready to go back to school, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, finishing tasks for my contract job--and did I mention laundry?--making a countdown for a trip five months away has just not been on my radar.

When Caris woke up yesterday with only low grade fever and lots of energy, I somehow knew her hounding would reach peak levels regarding this countdown. With my focus on being more intentional, I realized this was an opportunity to do what I wouldn't normally do. I set my agenda and tasks aside and met my daughter's request. I'd like to be the kind of mom who can do that more often AND without having to think about it and work at it. Honestly, it just doesn't come naturally to me. I have to admit, however, that Caris and I had a great time cutting, pasting, and Cricuting (is that a verb?). The real reward, though, was how happy she was to have my full attention and how proud she was to show her brothers and dad what we accomplished together.

INTENTIONAL challenge: Maybe your child or spouse or friend will ask you today to do something that is not on your agenda. Perhaps you'll be asked to play a game or read a book at a most inopportune time. And, like most days, you probably have so much to do you can't fathom setting your tasks aside. But, what request will you be willing to accommodate today--even if only for a few minutes of your day?

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