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When I was in that pregnancy/newborn/infant season of mothering, I was blessed to sit under the teaching of my amazing friend, Karen, through several Bible studies. ALL these years later (because we all know this is the year of the big 4-0 for me), I still find my mind going back to truths and encouragements that Karen shared. That's a true sign of great influence. Particularly because, going back to the 4-0 thing, my memory ain't what it used to be.

One of the things that Karen shared was how her school day mornings were like a fire drill. She described how hectic and frazzled it could be to feed, dress, pack lunches and accomplish all other superhuman feats in efforts to send her three children off to school on time. I found great encouragement in this description as I imagined my future because if "seems to have it all together" Karen struggled in the morning, then surely I could have grace on my future school-age mommy self.

Now that I'm there, I often think of the how Karen described HER mornings during this season. I would love to start our day by sitting all around the breakfast table and indulge in an in-depth daily devotion. Except for two things. None of us are morning people so my children aren't ready for this first thing in the morning. And, we always seem to be racing the clock. So, I'm finding myself falling back on Karen's idea for setting our minds on things above as we start our day--the family notebook.

INTENTIONAL challenge: Here's how it works. I bought a little notebook, and each evening (or first thing in the morning) I write out a verse relevant to something we are wrestling with or working on. I put the notebook on the breakfast table with a pen, and each family member writes out their prayer requests for the day. Or, mama helps those who are still learning to write. You'd be amazed what I glean about my children through what they feel comfortable writing out. Especially my boys who answer my constant search for details with one syllable answers. So, what little step will you take daily to focus your family on the Lord?

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