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At 3:31 pm twelve years ago today, my world changed in an instant. A miracle was placed in my arms, and my heart has never been the same since. This was the child I prayed for. This was the pregnancy I was told would never be viable. Just his birth was a milestone. And, there have been nothing but milestones since.

Generally speaking, I've learned it's not healthy to live in the past. But, at times, I believe it's Biblical to take a little visit to the past. In Genesis 8:20, Noah built an altar of remembrance for what God had done for him and his family. In Joshua 4:8, the twelve tribes of Israel each took a rock from the Jordan River to commemorate where they'd been on their journey. In the day-to-day struggles of mothering, I can get bogged down and forget just how far God has brought us.

Who am I, Sovereign Lord,
and what is my family, that you have
brought me THIS FAR?
2 Samuel 7:18

I become all sentimental and retrospective on my children's birthdays. For days, my Collin has tolerated my ramblings about how "this time 12 years ago, I was [fill in the blank]." But, truly, I'd like to celebrate my amazing boy by commemorating some "this far" moments.

* the year of projectile vomiting and all that this involved
* the uncertainty and anguish of being a first time mom
* the endless ear infections and subsequent tube surgeries
* the hearing loss that by the grace of God was reversed with tubes
* the opinions of others that I learned to tune out in favor of the truth about my guy
* the tender heart of a child broken by the grief of those he loves
* the crazy toddler antics--one in particular which I will not disclose
* the big move that nearly broke his heart (yes, the 1/2 mile move!)
* the decision of this boy to turn his life over to the Lord
* the joy of seeing a young man blossoming where my little boy once stood

INTENTIONAL challenge: It doesn't have to be your child's birthday to stop and remember how FAR God has brought your family. Mothering is an up and down journey where the days can go slowly and the years can fly. Take a moment to look through baby pictures or a baby scrapbook. Pray that God can help you remember all the ways He's shown his grace and faithfulness along the way. What "THIS FAR" moments can you celebrate today? (WARNING: KEEP A KLEENEX HANDY!)

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