As a Last Resort

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I can get stressed. Okay, okay--sometimes I really just need to be talked off the ledge. (Please, Chris Enright--do not post any comment below!) Truth be told, though, it's nothing short of a miracle with how God has worked to release me from the chains of anxiety. My current status with worry ain't nothing like it used to be. For many years, fear just plain bound me up and ruled my life. I've come a long way, baby--by the grace of God.

In those years, I managed to perfect "envisioning worst case scenario" to an art form. I do borrowing trouble really well. This past weekend included some activities that could lean toward stressful. And, I found myself picturing how bad it could become. My mind was racing toward all sorts of potential issues. And, my head started to throb. I felt my pulse and heart racing. I gave into it for a few minutes and then a thought came to mind.

After stressing and venting, as a last resort, I could pray. I could have kicked myself. Why do I, all too often, turn to prayer as a LAST resort? It should be my FIRST response. I took a deep breath and prayed for wisdom. My mind immediately turned to a sermon from family camp in August 2009. The speaker talked about 2 Corinthians 12:9 and how we need to see our weaknesses not as a problem but rather as an opportunity. Our weaknesses are an opportunity for God to show up and to work. In those moments of weakness, we need only to cry out, "I am weak with [fill in the blank]. God, please show up here!" So, that's exactly what I did, then I sat back to see how He would show himself. For the record--the day could not have turned out better!

INTENTIONAL challenge: We all have areas in our life that cause us to feel stressed and anxious. We can choose to go down that path--or we can choose to turn instead in prayer and say, "Lord, I am weak here. Just show up!" Then, sit back and wait for Him to do just that--show up in ways we can't even imagine. With what particular struggle today will you choose to turn to Him about--not as a last resort, but as a first plan of action?

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