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We're down to the final 10. Nope, not talking about American Idol or Biggest Loser. Those of us who appreciate the perfect marriage of our DVR with reality television KNOW that those two shows are down to the final two and final four respectively (with America hopefully voting Daris to be in the final three--not that I have a personal opinion there).

Talking about the Love Dare. Just days 30 through 40 to go. It's a book and a challenge well worth the effort. After nearly 20 years together and 15 years of marriage, I love that Chris and I can still learn new things about each other and our marriage. Just goes to show that it's worth it to press on and keep working at it.

But, I must admit that the last two weeks, my daily reading of the Love Dares has diminished. Okay, okay...the last week, it completely dropped off my radar. You see, a funny thing happened to my good intentions. Life happened. Traveling, laundry, sickness, field trips, laundry, more traveling--which produced more laundry. I'm sure everyone can relate. We live in a busy, busy society, filled with commitments and scheduling demands. And, that's just our kids.

I read an amazing book several years back called Breathe by Keri Wyatt Kent. It literally appeared in my mailbox during a season of feeling overloaded. Talk about signs from God. I knew I needed to quit my business and scale back my calendar. That book offered the insight and motivation to just do it. I've become a bit of a zealot about wider margins in my life and our family's life. I've learned to say no. I've learned that an open day on my calendar does not mean that I'm available. I fight off the scheduling dragon continually. Such an ongoing process.

And, obviously, an ongoing area for improvement. Because this Love Dare is like so many things in my life. I have the BEST of intentions. But, life happens. I could make one excuse after another, but the truth is this. I am not intentional ENOUGH. I just don't make it a big enough priority. Like going to bed early enough so that I can get up early enough to start my day right, in prayer and in God's word. Like setting aside time to read and complete my Love Dare challenges. Like making time to sit and talk to my husband. Like sitting to talk to my kids and really hear their hearts. Like making time to phone elderly family members just to say I'm thinking of them. If necessary, I need to mark my calendar. In ink. Because if I don't make an appointment for those important priorities, I'll get side tracked. Life happens, after all.

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