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We got a little dare going on around here. Chris and I have the honor of teaching (well, better to say we lead discussion) a newlywed class at our church. This past Sunday we started the Love Dare. Born from the GREAT movie, Fireproof, the Love Dare is a 40 day challenge designed to improve your marriage. The gauntlet has been thrown down...and we have triple dog dared our cohorts in crime to take up the daily dares.

Which means we need to do the same here in our own little love nest. I thought perhaps I could take some time over the next 40 days to blog about our own experiences. Sorta a way to be held accountable for our efforts--for all the world to see through the world wide web. And, hopefully, a way to encourage those of you who have agreed to take the dare with us.

So, here goes. I would LOVE to say I personally have led by example. Hmm. Only day two, and I have to say, I have yet to hit my stride. I'd prefer to say I'm just waiting to display my greatness at just the right time. Which is apparently NOT this week.

Day One was yesterday. My beloved got out of bed early, and I rolled over in time to see him walk into our office, which generally means he is starting his day reading his Bible. I encouraged him in this endeavor by rolling back over and falling back to sleep. Who knows? Maybe I was praying in my sleep..... I dragged my tired self out of bed in time to be part of the fire drill that is mornings around here. We never seem to get far before the fussing commences. I think that none of us are morning people. Or perhaps I should just speak for myself. The lack of coffee in the house exponentially affected my morning mood. Then, someone asked where their library book was. Because, as we all know, moms have that magical ability to be fully aware at all times of the location of all missing items. Part of our job description. Except I didn't know. And, that was not well received. Then, that cursed trash can that is the bane of my existence was once again causing me grief. I reacted like any morning-hating mama would....I yanked the bag out of the too-tight-trash-can so hard that the can broke. And, I won't even mention the recycling bin that was so overflowing, I could hardly shut the pantry door (although I just did).

Poor Chris. I don't think he ever saw it coming. Innocently enough, he asked if he had more shaving cream. Fair enough question. We all know that I have a Grocery Game stockpile of household supplies, like my own personal CVS. But at that particular moment, I did not see it as a fair enough question. The fact he hadn't looked yet himself was sorta the kiss of death. I muttered something about making time to go look under the sink and adding that errand onto my long task list for the day. Chris reacted with patience, and calmly helped wrap up the medicinal dosing for allergy kid and asthma kid, and herded the short people off to school.

A few minutes later, he called to discuss. I explained that I just felt unappreciated because no one thanks me for the things they can find...I'm just expected to locate or purchase all items they cannot find. After asking how he could help my day turn around, he so sweetly brought me a Starbucks.

I laughed out loud at 1:40 p.m. when I finally made time to read the Love Dare. Because the challenge was to be patient with your spouse and say nothing negative to them. Apparently, my only success on this dare was giving my man a chance to practice HIS dare.

I'm thinking maybe TOMORROW is the day. Because it's 10 p.m. and I just now read the challenge for day two, which is to do something kind for your spouse. I left our house at 5:45 a.m., and was gone all day. I was home long enough to read the list my husband and children compiled of the things they love about me, eat a quick dinner, and then leave again for a meeting.

Looks like Chris is 2 for 2....and I'm 0 for 2. But, God's mercies are new every day. I'll take the dare where to go but up. I'll keep you posted.

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