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Can I get credit for consistency? Well, more to the point, for consistency of my inconsistency? Although, I have to say, really, that this week is far from normal for me, and not really an ideal time to begin this Love Dare stuff. So there you have it. My rationalization.

Day Four found me on a flight to Houston for the second time in three days. All for fun, mind you, so I am definitely not complaining. Thursday morning was a mad dash of getting the five of us out the door early, and the three children delivered to their one school on a day they'd go home with two separate friends for one night. Then, our rush to Love Field to catch our flight. I really didn't have time to read my challenge for the day. (Although I supposed it would have been fitting to read our Love Dare at Love Field now, wouldn't it?)

Once we landed, Chris dropped me to his mom for a fun day of shopping and errands, and he headed to his conference. About midday, my cell phone rang. Chris had a break in the conference and just wanted to check in. He asked how the day was going, and if he could do anything for me. I couldn't imagine what he could do for me from his conference location--as his mother was so attentively seeing to it that I had a great day. We chatted briefly, and again he said he just wanted to be sure there was nothing he could do for me.

Then, it hit me. I laughed out loud--I was onto him! "Chris, did you just read your Love Dare? Was today's challenge to call to check on me and see what you could do for me?" Honest as the day is long, Chris said yes, and he just wanted to stay on top of things.

I really didn't care that the idea to call and check on me wasn't an original one. My man is awfully good at this Love Dare thing...a natural. I'm still on a learning curve. But, next week is looking promising. No jet setting--just once again a stay-at-home-mom who'll stay home.

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