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Breaking news on the Love Dare front at our house. I successfully completed Day Three. Sort of. To boast on myself--I did read my challenge just as soon as my beloveds left for school and work. In other words, no "I'm going to bed now...what dare was I supposed to do today?" That was progress.

But, my boasting can't really last long. Today was all about how love is not selfish--or should I say, real love is not SUPPOSED to be selfish. The dare was to buy something for your spouse--just to show you thought of them, just to be nice.

Chris came home for lunch, so we swapped inquiries about what the other might like. I was on my way to buy a new pair of shoes, so Chris asked if that could count as my gift from him. I was game. Allow me to interject here--my man is not easy to shop for. He insists he wants and needs nothing. It was no surprise that when I asked what HE wanted, he said, "oh, just throw about $20 into our India fund--that can be my gift." [side note...the Enrights are hitting India in June 2011, but that's a whole other story].

Since I was at Marshall's anyway purchasing his gift for me, I thought I'd just see if by some miracle some amazing t-shirt or some such clothing item jumped out at me. I know better--I bought him an outfit 19 years ago that I picked out on my own. I think that was the last time I ever attempted to buy him clothes of my choosing.

Darling new shoes in hand, I came home empty handed for Chris. I thought maybe I'd go grab him a Starbuck's gift card after the kids completed homework. But, fifteen minutes before he got home, I realized that wasn't going to happen.

What's a girl to do? With minutes to spare--what choice did I have? I ran upstairs, grabbed a gift bag, and hit my personal CVS. I filled the bag with Chris' favorite brand-loyal items--his shampoo, razor, deodorant--and what else--but the shaving cream he needed and I bought on Monday?

There. I did it. Sort of. In my defense, I was thinking of him when I so cleverly purchased the brands he insists upon during the last several months of Grocery Gaming. It's like I was ahead of my time...or my dare.

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