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If you've been reading my blog for long (well, about a year), then you might recall my lofty goals for celebrating Valentine's Day last year. Hmm...what a difference a year makes. Did I really write a post about following the lead of Jon and Kate Plus 8 in regard to celebrating love?! Well, in my defense, who knew the unfortunate turn of events that would take....

But, I did somehow manage to pull out a great Valentine's last year, despite the last minute crises of Mamaw going into ICU February 12th. I have reveled in the victory...until this week. Because I realized something important. I realized that I have set a precedent. In other words, I have set a BAR that my children will now EXPECT. WHAT was I thinking?!

To be honest, I'm just not feeling the love. I mean, I LOVE my children, and I LOVE my husband. But, right now--as of today, my thoughts revolve around things like how can I get to bed at a decent time? How can I keep up with the laundry? How can I convince my children that their socks don't belong all over the house? The question of how can I plan an unbelievable-I-am-a-hero-mom Valentine's Day hasn't crossed my mind. I just don't have the same foresight and big picture plan that I had last Valentine's Day.

Perhaps in the next five days, I'll pull it together. Maybe I can manage an encore performance--after all, the lesson plan is already created. If I can find the bag, I did buy some things at the Target Dollar Spot sometime in the last month. I saw the Valentine's decor at Target the day after Christmas and thought about another Valentine's scavenger hunt. But, I also have a nasty habit of hiding things to keep my kids from finding them, which means that I can't find them. Oh, well. At least I don't have to figure out those blasted chair backs--they've stayed on the chairs since last Valentine's Day.

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