It Was the Best of Times

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I LOVE those cheesy end of the year reviews--you know, the best of and worst of and most intriguing recap of the year.

So, without further first annual Year in Review blog post, in the form of a Top Ten reasons 2009 was memorable.
10. We bravely went where many told us NOT to go on Spring Break--the interior of Mexico. While some felt we were facing our certain deaths at the hands of Mexican drug lords, we actually had a relaxing time in Ajijic, and Collin overcame his fear of horseback riding.
9. Our first full year in our home brought many opportunities to send each child to their very own room.
8. I didn't realize I'd entered the pre-teen phase until I'd actually already ventured in. C'mon in--the waters fine! A bit testy at times, but nothing I can't handle.
7. Despite telling everyone we know (and a few people we don't), we somehow DID pull off a surprise trip on our kids. I'd pay good money to relive the moment of surprise for our kids AND our Canadian family when we showed up at family camp at Moose Lake, Canada.
6. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser REALLY does live up to it's name. It's a bit of magic mixed with fairy dust--removes ink from walls, crayon from doors, and a multitude of other sins committed in the name of boredom.
5. Grocery game, oh, grocery lovely are your savings! It actually does bring an element of fun and competition to the boring hum drum of grocery shopping.
4. Someone stole my toddler and preschool years of motherhood and exchanged them for this strange season of school age children. I have yet to eat a bon-bon?!
3. I've now officially spent as many years of my life with Chris as without him. Can't wait for all the decades to come....
2. Christmas on the beach...opening gifts watching the sunrise over the ocean. Spectacular.
1. Those little blobs of newborns are becoming such interesting, engaging, and amazing people. AND, I no longer have to bath a single one of 'em!

May 2010 be a year of new depth in your walk with the Lord, amazing memories with your loved ones, and wider margins in your life.

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