Showing Our Love One Little Snack at a Time

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This is why I love my church.

At first glance, it just might look like a random pile of snacks. If you know me, you might even think I totally scored at Grocery Game. But, nope. This mound of snacks is yet the latest example of why I LOVE my church, specifically, but also the body of Christ in general.

You see, this stack of snacks is the end result of ONE e-mail. Just one. Sent on Sunday night to our Young Marrieds Life Groups, and then passed to other Life Groups. One of the couples in our class walked in Sunday morning shell shocked from a bombshell they'd received the night before. Just a few hours earlier, the husband's 39 year old brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. This news came weeks after the wife's mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

How do you bear that burden? When all else fails, you offer food. (We are Baptist, after all). Along with a call to pray, we asked for snacks. Because when you wait in the hospital, or are running back and forth between sick family members, you gotta eat on the run. Kids need to be distracted and occupied. So, we just asked for people to bring goodies, toys, books, and snacks. And, I've found that our church loves to show their love and concern in tangible ways.

How else do you explain how in one week our church basically furnished 32 apartments for people they'd never met, survivors of Katrina? Or, how our church, with an average attendance of 425, has over 200 people volunteer for our annual Journey to Bethlehem? Or, one that is nearest to my heart--when my husband thought he was having a heart attack last year, we had 4 people waiting in the ER exam room BEFORE we even arrived by ambulance? It was 11 pm at night--and they stayed to keep us company till 2 a.m.

THIS is how the body of Christ should be. Walking the hard roads with you--whether you are friend or stranger. "Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn" Romans 12:15. You may not be sure how on earth to reach out to someone who is hurting deeply. But, it's actually not too complicated. You pray for them, you hug them, you don't shy away, and you meet tangible needs. Bearing each others' burden, one little snack at a time.

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