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Out of the Mouth of Babes

1:15 AMHeather

So, for some reason after an amazing last night of worship and praise at the Life Action Summit, my sweet kindergarten girl was freaked out about having nightmares--something involving bees. Not sure what they taught her that night in class?

In an effort to console her (and convince her that NO, she did not have to sleep in mommy's room after all), I laid down with her and asked if I could tell her a bedtime story.

Of course, it was a real life fairy tale about a mommy and daddy who had two wonderful boys and then God gave them one of their best gifts ever--a baby girl. Smart as a whip, she figured out it was autobiographical rather quickly, and seemed to enjoy being the main character.

She wanted another story, and I was beginning to wrestle a sore throat that night. I asked her if SHE could tell ME a bedtime story instead. Without further ado, I give you an original bedtime story, by my darling daughter.

"Once upon a time, there was a mom. AND a dad. And they went to eat at La Hacienda with Boo and Pop. Then, they came home and texted everyone to say, 'Hey, we are going to have a baby!' They texted Nannie and Papa, and Carrie and Lindsay--and all those people you know. And, then the big day came. So, they went to the hospital, and then the baby was born. And, the baby said, 'hey, I like Mexican food!' The End."

I may soon be turning my blog over to this incredible creative mind.....

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