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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

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Lest you think this post is about a yellow polka-dot bikini...bear with me. There is a point.

Have you ever so looked forward to something that when you arrived, you were sorely disappointed--completely tripped up by your high expectations? Even when you THOUGHT you were just going with the flow--expectation free. For nearly eleven years, I have been swimming through the depths and waves of motherhood--sometimes floating in the amazing highs of it all, and sometimes drowning in the challenges. You know--the old saying that the days are long but the years fly by.

Nearly two months ago, I entered a new season. I THOUGHT it'd be amazing--the NIRVANA I've been hanging all my hopes and dreams upon--to send all my kids to school. I didn't realize just how many expectations I had about this. I THOUGHT I'd have these wide margins in my life--time to do all the things I've put off for 11 years, time to myself, time to dive into some new amazing huge things.

You know--the living bigger stuff that I last blogged about?!

Guess what? I still have to grocery shop. And,clean house. And, run errands. And, do laundry. I still have to handle all those little details of managing my household. Oh, I do get to eat lunch with my husband--lunches that don't involve cutting anyone's food AND do involve completed sentences.

But, the really "BIGGER THINGS" that my heart is yearning for...not time yet.

So, I'm learning that living BIGGER means being faithful in the smallest details. It means doing the itsy bitsy teenie weenie things that no one notices or appreciates. Oh, and not just doing them. Doing them with joy--to serve the Lord. UGH. BRUTAL. Priscilla Shirer said it well in the Anointed, Transformed, and Redeemed study. David was anointed to be KING. YEAH! That I can cheer for--that sums up my dreams for the big things I think God is calling me to (not that I am trying for worldwide domination or to be a benevolent dictator). But, there was a catch for David. The day after the anointing, David was back to herding sheep. For years. And years. And years. Because before David could tackle the big things and have his calling realized, he had to learn faithfulness through the small and mundane tasks.

Hmmm.....lots to wrap my brain around. I got miles to go. Speaking of, gotta go now. The lambs are calling for me to get them a snack, and then I gotta dust. BAAAAA BAAAAAA.

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