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Thursday Thoughts

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Random thoughts for Thursday.

19 years. Today is 19 years since my dad died. I could just about tell you where I was every moment of this day 19 years ago. That day became a dividing line for my life, just like B.C. and A.D. Now, those divisions of time are exactly even. 19 years with him. 19 years without him.

5 years. Today is also 5 years since my oldest asked Jesus into his heart. Isn't God good to redeem this date of sad anniversaries with the anniversary of a NEW LIFE? Happy eternal birthday, Collin.

19 years. As of May 5, that is how long I've known my husband. Ironic, isn't it? Well, really more of a God thing. Knowing what was to come just 9 days after I met Chris, God allowed me a precursor glimpse into the man of my dreams, the man of my future.

8 years. For that many years, I have been sending children to Mother's Day out. My baby girl graduated from Pre-K this week AND signed up for Kindergarten. Wow. In a few months, all my kids will be in school--all day. Looks like God has some plans for me! A new season of life.

34 months. In July 2006, God began to plant some seeds and cultivate some writing ideas within my heart. And, today, I officially finished my first ever book proposal. After some technical finishing touches by my man, I will begin sending it to publishers to see where God leads me. God only knows where this is to go. I only know I was to obey. SO, I did. And, it's done. And, how fitting that TODAY, May 14th, I can feel the weight of my call lifted--because I've done my part.

2 finalists. To be completely random....Yeah for Kris Allen! All both of you who read this has have heard this story already--but just in case you forgot....Did you KNOW that Kris has led worship for my niece's youth group? Did you KNOW that my sister and her family live in Conway, Arkansas? Yeah for his talent, yeah for his heart, yeah for God's blessing on him.

Now, to complete my randomness for Thursday thoughts...I shall go put all the random leftovers for the week on my kitchen island and let my family pick their poison. Bon appetite!

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