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To CVS or Not to CVS

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Yes, these are the pressing questions that plague me late at night. In some former glory, back before children, I mediated complicated adoption cases. And, I think I did it fairly well, often thinking on my feet. Now, I waiver on whether or not to continue shopping at CVS.

I got sucked into the Grocery Game sometime in January. Peer pressure can be just as persuading in your late 30's. I was bound and determined to save my family some money. My very hungry, very ravenous family. My oldest child has quit ordering from the kids menu. I didn't think this was legal. He's not even 12. So, groceries are a main money drainer around here. I knew the time had come.

I was pretty proud of myself for navigating my way through it (thanks a million, Leigh Anne, for being my tour guide!) to determine which grocery store is best for me. And, even more proud to see my grocery bill shrink. Life was good.

Except for that evil empire that calls itself CVS. They taunt me through the blogs of those who brag about getting a year's worth of toiletries for $3. It was like I was missing some magic formula. Because, for the life of me, I'd scour that Grocery Game list, and marvel at the amazing deals, just waiting to be had. But, then, I'd nearly hear an audible devilish laugh of those in management, conspiring against me, as I'd search the aisles for those "FREE" items (post Extra Care Bucks, of course)...but they were out of stock. Okay, scratch that off the list. Then, I'd look for the bargain basement items, but they weren't marked on sale. In the meantime, I'd find "regularly" priced items on my needs list, only to realize that with the convenience of CVS shopping comes a marked up prices (akin to 7-11's $12 gallons of milk).

Sigh. I was about ready to give up. I mean, should I do CVS or not? I polled every person I knew who did the Grocery Game, thought about doing the Grocery Game, or had heard of the Grocery Game. Mixed reviews. Those darn blogs continued to taunt me. I was determined. I decided I would NOT be licked by CVS. I'd beat them at their own game--the GROCERY game!

So, armed with a new strategy, I marched into that CVS. I thought I had it figured out. The key--BE BOLD. So, at the check-out on that infamous, table turning day, I felt the surges of victory as I consulted the manager. I politely inquired about the out of stock items and the items mismarked (I refrained from asking about the overpricing). No good answer. But, I knew then that I was destined to become the thorn in the flesh of CVS because I would not give up.

I think I now strike fear in that poor cashier's heart when I walk into the store. I think the manager runs away on break. That probably happened after the time I followed him around the store asking him about five or six different items that were SUPPOSED to be on sale, but weren't marked. I was armed with the sales ad. I'm sure the cashier would like to join him on break when I come through the door, but she's the only other employee. She doesn't like the way I try to use coupons, my flex plan card, AND my Extra Care Bucks. She probably also doesn't like the attitude of the guys who always seem to end up in line behind me. They only ran in to grab cigarettes, and as they sigh heavily during my check-out procedure, they must not be pleasant company for her after I've gone.

But, you know what? I'm now a blogger boasting about my amazing deals at CVS. HA! The only thing that would make it better is if I could strike a truce with the cashier. Can't we all be friends? Oh, well....I still got a whole lot of stuff for not much. Check it out!
This haul should have cost about $150 (according to CVS), but really about $110 at Wal-Mart. I got it for $70, PLUS I got $37 Extra Care Bucks back. So, it's like I got it all for $33.

This shopping trip was a doozy. Cost me $2. AND, I got $17 in Extra Care Bucks back. See? It's like they pay ME to shop there!

I'd love to show you my latest success story, but my darling man put all the items away before I could take a photo (I know! Can you believe I married so well?!). Let's just say--it was GREAT! I paid $8 for stuff that should have cost about $70. PLUS, I got $15 back in Extra Bucks.

Yep, I'm onto them. So, I'll CVS for sure. It's kinda like Survivor. I have to outwit them, outplay them, and outlast them....but I will not leave the CVS tribe.

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