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The Oldest (newest?) Bachelor

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Jason Mesnick is not a popular person right now. And, if you did not get sucked into the black hole of mindless entertainment that is The Bachelor (or you've just returned from a six month mission trip in the bush of Africa)...then you may not know what I'm talking about. My husband thinks I should fall into the latter category as he was stumped by my interest in this not-really-based-on-reality show. But, girls--you get it, don't you? We girls are suckers for a good love story--going back to our childhood dreams of Prince Charming. Sigh. We all know now that Jason Mesnick and Prince Charming have little in common.

But, I have news for you all. Jason did NOT write the book on Bachelor scandals. In fact, I'm wondering if there is any reality in this show at all, or if they just plagarized the whole plot and created a script from a REAL life Bachelor of long ago. Let me tell you the true story, although I'm not sure it qualifies as a fairy tale.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a young, handsome, and very rich man. Let's call him Brandt. Brandt's star was on the rise--in fact, he was posed to make history with his achievements. As the story began, he actually was not a bachelor, but in fact, very much married. Being quite proud of himself, he decided to flaunt all that he had to prove his celebrity and fame. No party could compare (sorry MTV and VH-1). It went on for days, with drinks flowing for all around, served from goblets made of gold--no two alike. In his drunken stupor, he demanded that his gorgeous wife make her co-hostess appearance for their guests. He really just wanted to show off his arm candy. Seeing right through his intentions, she refused. So he, being the arrogant man he was, gave a Trump like verdict, telling her, "You're FIRED!" And, thus began his role as the Bachelor.

In true Bachelor fashion, auditions were held to find the most beautiful, eligible girls in the land. They were to come live in his mansion, and compete for his attention. In an ultimate rose ceremony--one of them would become the new Mrs. Like the girls on the famous show, these ladies were given the royal treatment. Makeovers, beautiful jewelry to wear, and gorgeous gowns to flatter their amazing figures and slim (never-birthed-a-baby) hips. And, just like Jason, this Bachelor had one-on-one dates with the contestants. While the television show leaves you wondering, the original Bachelor made his intentions known. The contestants were to impress him with their--a-hem--romantic abilities as they spent the night together. (And, the picture of discretion, the Bachelor had the camera turned off during these intimate times.)

After each contestant left the Bachelor, they went back to live with the other ladies, anxiously waiting to see if they were would be the ONE asked to accept that final rose. Yes, the typical drama and catfights ensued as jealousy ran rampant. But, finally, the Bachelor was most impressed and smitten with one he just knew (FOR REAL this time) he wanted to spend the REST of his life with (forget that first wife--she doesn't count). So, in a happily-ever-after to end all others, the lucky lady was asked to accept not just the rose, but the proposal! Her graceful little hand could hardly contain the bling placed upon it. And, so an amazing and elaborate wedding took place.

Fast forward a few years to an episode of After the Rose. Do we find our lovely couple canoodling on the couch, declaring their love on national television, eyes only for each other? Perhaps, they are appearing to annouce an upcoming heir to the throne, so to speak? Ummm....NO. Actually, she isn't even on the couch. She's alone. In her room. In fact, she hasn't even seen or heard from her HUSBAND, the former Bachelor, in a month! Can you imagine? She's been cast aside, and she KNOWS her husband has been entertaining other ladies.
Melissa's heartbreak from Jason cannot compare to THAT rejection.

Do you know who I'm talking about? If you've been blessed enough to study Beth Moore's It's Tough Being a Woman, you may have guessed that I'm speaking about King Xerxes and Queen Esther. You see, no matter the drama and scandal--nothing really is new under the sun. And, while Jason and Molly's 15 minutes of infamy will quickly run out and the public will lose interest--that long ago Bachelor is forever immortalized in the Book of all Books.

So, this whole story-line had me thinking.....(see hubby? Mindless televison CAN=spiritual lessons). Esther, and all the other potential brides, were given one year of beauty treatments to prepare for their night with the king. It was a critical time, to be sure. This was it. Their chance to earn the crown. For all those romantics out there--I have GREAT news! Each and every one of us is also the Princess Bride--and we, too, have time to prepare for our night with the King. Our time on earth is that trial time--that time to beautify ourselves for our King. Not in the fleshly sense, but rather in improving our inner beauty, striving to more radiantly reflect the love of our King. You want to know the BEST news of all? As daughters of Christ, we are promised an eternal night with our King of Kings. He promises to place crowns of reward on our heads at that time...although we will promptly cast them back at his feet in adoration. Oh, they'll be a wedding feast, that's for sure. And a happily ever after like none other.

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