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Hasta la Pasta

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It's been a while since I've blogged...many deep thoughts, and I will find time to share them as creatively and succinctly as possible. I've long ago realized what a "note thinker" I am--constantly thinking about notes I should write to encourage my friends and loved ones. I'm afraid I've also become a "blog thinker," spending those last moments of wakefulness mentally writing out the next blog post, with some deep and meaningful reflections on life. I promise to get them written out if you promise to come back to read them!

I must explain my absence. My very generous mom-in-law and her husband GAVE us a week's vacation in Mexico, which we booked for Spring Break. Since my last blog post, I have been busy not only preparing for our big trip, but also squeezing in 3 overnight trips to visit said in-laws within the 3 weeks prior to our vacation. I've been so blessed to be able to attend some really fun events with my mom-in-law, including a fund raising dinner, a museum exhibit opening, and a ladies' luncheon. I have joked about being an average SAHM by day, jet setter by night. Truly, it's just been a ton of fun of not-the-usual.

AND, speaking of NOT the usual, I have a guest blogger today. We were so fortunate to be in Ajijic, Mexico for the last week, and celebrated my middle child's 8th birthday there. If you know Cooper, you know how expressive and creative he is. He was so taken by the beauty of this quaint little village on our first day there, that he immediately grabbed a sketch book and his journal. Here are this thoughts, in his own words:

Mexico is beautiful! I hear so much birds. I'm going to an art walk today for my birthday! It's going to be awesome. On the way here, it was bumpy air. I just saw a humming bird up close and personal. The flowers here come in so many colors and they are so beautiful! The palm trees in the courtyard are so TALL! I really wish I lived here! From the top patio, I drew the mountain I saw. This morning I opened the doors in my room that leads to the outside room that leads outside. It was so peaceful.

There you have it, folks. We've spent the last week being reminded of how horrible our Spanish is...which is probably why we coined our infamous favorite farewell....hasta la pasta, friends! Until next time.

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