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25 Random Rules about Life

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Generally, I see this blog as an outpouring of spiritual musings and insights I have gained through life's journey. Today, I take a more light hearted approach. Just for fun--and inspired by the game "25 Random Things about Me" on Facebook, I decided to share with you--the one reader (AKA my husband) and anyone else who accidentally comes across my blog--25 Random Rules about Life.

1. As a general rule of thumb, children ALWAYS get sick at 5:01 p.m. on Fridays. Expect it--be prepared for it. That is why the CVS Minute Clinic is my best friend.
2. 5 hours alone with a grumpy child is an eternity. 5 hours alone while your children are in Mother's Day Out passes in the blink of an eye.
3. It's usually not so effective to yell, "QUIT BEING SO IMPATIENT!" to your children.
4. After an exhausting day of mothering and your husband's exhausting day at work--watching "American Idol" together while brain dead on the couch DOES indeed count as quality time.
5. Yes, grilled cheese sandwiches and warmed up tomato soup DOES indeed count as a home cooked meal.
6. Never underestimate the power of a comfortable pair of PJ's to soothe a rough day away. Put them on AS SOON as you enter your house.
7. Many important life lessons can be gleaned from the High School Musical trilogy--we ARE all in this together, we gotta go OUR own way, and we sometimes do need FABULOUS.
8. Speaking of FABULOUS--a great pair of jeans, sassy boots, velour sweatsuits, and bling t-shirts.
9. We need to be more understanding of regional differences. My smoothing-her-hair down Canadian cousin CAN really be good friends with a back-combing-big-Texas-hair girl.
10. Time Outs are not just for children.
11. Just like a good movie, life requires a good soundtrack. Play your favorite music loudly and proudly. $15 is a small price to pay for a little joy in your life!
12. Dave Ramsey has it right--who needs to keep up with the Joneses? They are probably knee deep in a debt and a paycheck away from bankruptcy.
13. Discernment is an important skill in choosing joy. As my BFF says about something that just isn't true--"THAT is a lie from the pit of hell. REJECT IT!"
14. Speaking of lies from the pit of hell, I reject my Wii fit age.
15. If you can't find me at home, you may try looking at Hobby Lobby. Or Target.....
16. If you aren't going to see the same people 2 days in a row, you may wear that same favorite outfit 2 days in a row. BUT, not if it's 110 degrees outside--you can't mask sweat stink, even with Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue perfume.
17. Skirtini swimsuits have changed my life. No shaving and maximum cover-up for a mom of three kids.
18. LIfe is too short to referee every fight between your children. They'll usually figure it out for themselves eventually. If not, step in before the blood gushes.
19. Give your children choices--as long as both options are what you want them to pick. For instance, "do you want to go have quiet rest time in your room or lie in your bed for a nap?"
20. Keep a Digorno pizza in the freezer for THOSE kind of days....
21. The true sign of a good friend is someone who will babysit swap with you--they love on your kids AND allow you and your man to keep the fire burning.
22. The word "anniversary" is Greek for "a weekend getaway." You better cling to the meaning of that word.
23. Family doesn't just mean people you are related to. In fact, the best family members are often those you choose along the way.
24. If your best friend isn't the man you sleep next to, you might need to develop that friendship.
25. Good fences make good neighbors. Setting boundaries is an important life skill--for yourself and for your kids. No is a powerful word. You should invest yourself in two things--(1) that which God has undoubtedly called you to and (2) those things that build you up.

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