HELP! Someone Hit the Dimmer Switch!

10:04 PMHeather

A year ago, I stepped out on a new journey. It was a time of obedience to God's call...and I was naive and trusting enough to take the plunge. God made it clear that I was to continue to work on a writing project, developing a thirty minute talk into a 10 week Bible study. Easy enough. I dove in enthusiastically.

My game plan was simple. I spent every Sunday afternoon, Tuesday, and Thursday with my Bible, lap top, Bible reference materials, and note pads flung all over my bed. I usually began each session with a rough outline of where I thought I was headed. Just about the time that I began to realize how vast this task was, I also began to realize that every single writing session was an amazing adventure, and God always took me in a direction I'd never fathomed. I began to trust that no matter what I thought I was going to write about, God would supply fresh revelations, and I'd type feverishly. I never could wait to finish and read for myself what on earth I had just been taught.

In hindsight, this was a mountaintop experience. I felt like Moses in the desert, whose face would shine so brightly after being in God's presence that he had to wear a veil. I was deliberate and intentional to clear my schedule and spend time with God. And, my, the impact it had. I experienced profound joy and peace.

When the last Bible study was written and taught, I came down the mountain. I was tired, and thought I needed some rest time. I've found that I miss it... I'm back in a "real" world pattern. I swore I would never again be complacent about my time with Him now that I had been changed so drastically by this marvelous season.... but it didn't take long for life to creep in.

Here I am. Another fall begins. I run at the speed of life. Complacency rules. And, I feel as though someone has hit the dimmer switch. The glow is gone. In its place is self-reliance, and it ain't pretty. I need to find that map to the mountain, and take the long hike up. It takes discipline and persistence... but, oh, the Son shine I will discover there....

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