By way of introduction: "Clinging to the Vine"

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Three weeks after my 19th birthday, my world turned upside down. My dad died from cancer. All I had known and counted on had changed. I never realized that my dad was the glue within other family relationships--until he was gone. The year after my dad's death was a time of feeling all alone. My college friends wanted to be there for me--but they lacked the wisdom and strength to dig in and walk the road of grief with me.

During this season of life, I began my practice of keeping a prayer journal. I would go to study at the library, and spend hours journaling. I was struck by the verses of John 15, describing how we are the branches, and He is the vine. I loved the idea of abiding in Him, and in my mind, I felt I was clinging to Him. I felt like a flood victim, hovering over the raging waters, clinging to the tree for dear life. Emotionally, I was literally clinging to the Vine for dear life. He was my anchor.

I can remember hearing people say that faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to. That season of my life challenged me to have that kind of faith. I sunk into a deep depression, manifested by my constant desire to sleep, and numerous physical ailments such as shingles, eye infections, and even a stomach virus that landed me in the hospital for 4 days. Shortly thereafter, I found out in the same week that both of my grandfathers had cancer as well. I wasn't sure things could get much worse. A few weeks later, I met the parents of a student who had been killed in a car accident. Their words of comfort to the college Sunday School class were exactly what I needed to hear: When you hit rock bottom, it's solid Rock in Christ.

So, I continued to cling--just as I do now. And over the years, I began to sign my name with the expression, "Clinging to the Vine." You see--it's not just a catchy phrase or Christianese for me. It's a testimony to God's faithfulness to uphold me during all the storms of life. I hope that you will grab hold and cling with me. The Vine is stronger than anything you face.

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